Bynder: A Worthwhile Investment!
November 28, 2018

Bynder: A Worthwhile Investment!

Jessica Winer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bynder Brand Portal

The Bynder Brand Portal is being used across the whole organization in specific departments (ie: Marketing, Sales, & International primarily). The main problem Bynder is addressing is the usage of out-of-date, unapproved photography and also minimizing requests made to the creative design team for specific imagery that everyone should be able to access.
  • Searching Imagery: The way imagery is filtered in Bynder is what drew us to the software in the first place. The filters we were able to set up makes finding approved imagery much easier. You're able to use the filters to drill down to very specific images (ie: smiling woman coconut farmer), where that process used to require us to search through several folders on our filing system to find the right photo.
  • Metadata/Tagging: This is along the same line as searching but the metadata and tagging in the portal makes it so easy to find exactly what you're looking for.
  • User Experience: The ease of use is one of my favorite features. We were able to roll this program out to over 70 people (some who didn't speak English as their first language) with minimal training and even less support needed after launching.
  • Downloading Options: We like being able to give our staff several options for downloading whether they need a PSD image for graphic design, a high-resolution print ready image, or just a low-resolution screen-ready image. This allows us to field even less requests for specific sizes or file types.
  • Link Sharing: One thing I wish Bynder had was quick link sharing for images or collections of images to share outside of Bynder. Currently you have to create a collection and send it via email to the person you want to view it. Otherwise you can make it public and share a link but then that collection technically can be viewed or downloaded by anyone. Since I'm used to the functionality of Dropbox, this is one thing that I feel is lacking.
  • Public Media Center: Along the lines of the last comment about link sharing; one thing that would be helpful is a public media center. If we were able to tag what photos we would want to include there, along with downloadable logos, guidelines, PR, etc. There are workarounds but the functionality doesn't quite exist.
  • Automatic Translations: We opted to keep all of our metadata and tagging in English, as most of our International partners do speak some English; however, it would have been nice to have an option to automatically translate any metadata/tagging for certain languages. We did have the option of automatically translating the main menu buttons but that wasn't much help. If we wanted metadata/tagging in other languages we'd have to input it manually for thousands of assets.
  • Bynder has saved our creative and Marketing departments hours of time overall by minimizing the amount of time we are searching for asset requests and empowering employees to find what they need themselves.
  • Bynder has given us a platform to share lifestyle and product imagery that costs several thousand dollars overall; whereas before it was hard to share those assets in a way that they were utilized to their full potential. Now we don't have to wonder if we're wasting money on styled imagery or whether people are using it.
  • Overall the peace of mind Bynder gives us in terms of employees only using approved assets is pretty priceless.
For us Bynder was a fairly obvious choice. Not listed above is Image Relay which we also looked at. We knew Dropbox wasn't the answer as we already use that for file management and were looking to find something that made our images/assets searchable. That was key. We also were looking for a program that was easily used. Unfortunately SharePoint and Flight didn't quite hit those marks either. We narrowed it down between Bynder and ImageRelay but Bynder won out when we talked to a person from another company who was able to implement it in 6 weeks and roll out THOUSANDS of assets company wide with minimal management or issues. We heard from other users that Image Relay can be a bit more hands on but we were really ideally looking for a fairly hands-off program. Bynder took some time to implement and set up but since then it's been very manageable.
I think for any company that wants a better way to share approved and up-to-date assets that are searchable then Bynder is the way to go. We still use Dropbox for storing all of our working files and most of our data (including imagery, etc); but Bynder is what we're able to share with the rest of the workforce in order to actually find these assets. The searchability really makes this system a no-brainer and it has saved our design and Project Management team hours (overall) from searching for requested assets.