Calendly saves you time, reduces drop offs, and increases the amount of meetings booked
May 14, 2019

Calendly saves you time, reduces drop offs, and increases the amount of meetings booked

Rachel Green | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Calendly

Calendly provides Dyknow with an easy and frictionless scheduling experience with those outside of our organization. It is used by our sales, marketing, and services teams. Calendly reduces the time-consuming back-and-forth between prospects, clients, external consultants, and vendors with our internal teams on getting meetings scheduled. Calendly allows the recipients to pick a convenient time that works best for them that live-syncs with our internal calendars ensuring we are available at the time they select.
  • Live-calendar syncing with our business calendars. We use outlook and have other technologies that constantly update and change our internal schedules. Calendly has NEVER messed up by syncing inaccurate times or failing to update. As you update your business calendar, Calendly will work seamlessly in the background to show available times to external people wanting to schedule meetings.
  • Calendly reduces the time it takes and the constant back-and-forth with external people to get meetings booked. Just shoot them your link and they pick the best available time listed on your calendar.
  • Calendly is set it and forget it. I manage all of our marketing technologies at Dyknow, and it is refreshing knowing that I don't have to go into Calendly unless I'm adding a new hire. You set it up and forget it, and it just works.
  • Integrations. We use Drift among other calendar booking technologies, and because we love Calendly so much we would like to solely use their platform for booking. However, due to the lack of integrations with marketing technologies we use we are unable to solely use Calendly.
  • Client marketing nurturing and product updates. Speaking of integrations, they have come out with some integrations over the past couple of years, but we weren't made well aware of it or the benefits the integrations provide. If they nurtured their customers more then we would be faster at optimizing the platform across all the possible marketing channels.
  • Calendly is an individual booking platform. I think it would be cool if Calendly came out with team features. So book a time with our "Sales Team" and show all available times for that team, giving external people more booking options.
  • Reduces the time it takes for prospects to book demos and free trial calls with our sales team, resulting in less drop offs, higher engagements, and more meetings.
  • Reduces the back-and-forth effort between internal and external individuals on trying to find a time that works for both parties.
  • Calendly is 100% reliable, which I can not say about many of our other technologies. Once you set it up, it's set it and forget it. This allows you to work on other initiatives that matter.
  • Drift and Zoom
Both Drift and Zoom have calendar/scheduling functions within their technologies. Calendly has integration with Zoom, but not with Drift. Calendly is better for individual outbound or follow-up scheduling. Zoom and Drift are reactive to an inbound request. Even having Drift and Zoom, our team will never get rid of Calendly, as the tool is essential for individual bookings.
Calendly is well-suited if you are looking to reduce the time it takes and back-and-forth friction between internal employees with external clients, prospects, consultants, and vendors on booking meetings with internal individuals. Calendly is not a group scheduling calendar. As previously mentioned, if you want someone to see an entire team's availability, Calendly is not the tool to use.