CallRail's software solves your DNS issues
Eric Kammer | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 11, 2017

CallRail's software solves your DNS issues

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Overall Satisfaction with CallRail

We currently use CallRail on all of our Adwords campaigns. The platform is easy to use and provides insights into what keywords are most profitable for us. We can also use CallRail to link these conversions into Google Analytics and backtrack them into Adwords to aid in our daily campaign optimizations.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Very easy to set up their call tracking on a landing page.
  • Low cost dynamic number swapping.
  • Some of the best customer service I've experienced.
  • Lag time between connection to phone line that the call tracking line is connecting to.
  • Integration with Adwords/Analytics isn't seamless and there always seems to be missing conversions somewhere along the pathway.
  • CallRail has helped us reduce wasted spend on keywords that were not leading to conversions.
  • We've been able to use CallRail to increase insight into what keywords are driving the most calls to our clients, this transparency is also greatly appreciated by our clients.
  • The cost of CallRail has been more than covered by our increase in conversions and profitability.
Callrail has a very seamless and easy to use Dynamic Number Swap function. In other call tracking that we looked into the integration was either not as easy to use or required much more work to implement. Setting up CallRail has been so easy even our entry-level employees need very little training to master the platform.
CallRail is the perfect solution for finding out keyword data. Since Google removed keyword data from analytics a few years ago we've been using callrail to fill that gap. We are able to track our phone calls, which are our primary conversion, back to the keyword level. This has helped us maximize our ROI by being able to drop any unprofitable keywords from our campaigns while placing a greater focus on high performing keywords.