A great intuitive tool that helps me in solving issues
Updated January 25, 2022

A great intuitive tool that helps me in solving issues

Harrie Vermeulen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM)

Dqm consists out of a couple of different aspects, first of all you have the dashboard, this is used by the gate keepers of quality, Digital Services and the content owners of several different markets and businesses. Using this dashboards we keep track of large scale issues, template or component issues but alo hunt down the priority issues. The other tool is the cms plugin, this is used by all authors to make sure no isseus go live, and because some issues cannot be indicated by that plugin we also onboarded the Dqm live page checker. This tool can be used on the live page to check all checkpoints that are in the dashboard. We've been using the dashboards for more than a year and using the benchmarks we see great improvement on the website and apart from that over 30 checkpoints were added to make sure all aspects on quality were included. Some minor aspects (which the crownpeak team is developing) is reporting both on plugin usage as well as a daily management setup in the dashboard and the new checkpoints do not give any weight to the benchmarking scores, though they should.
  • The tickets, every single day I'm amazed by the ticketing tool and people that work on them, unfortunately I'm no longer being asked to grade tickets because every single one of them would be 10/10
  • The tooling itself is very intuitive, I myself am addicted to the scorings, its an amazing motivator!
  • The possibility to together with the Dqm team work on new checkpoint is so much fun!
  • The providing of info on improvements can be improved, there's a lot of information on the forum but a biweekly newsletter for tool owners like myself would be nice
  • Additional checkpoints could be suggested, its very onesided when it comes to new checkpoint creation
  • New checkpoints should be able to give weight on the benchmarking scores, insights on how the weight in the bemchmarking scores would be nice
  • I'm worried about the new ui and how it will affect the daily operations
  • It improved seo A lot! Pages that shouldn't be indexed are cleaned up and seo specifics have been automated and fixed as much as possible
  • Accessibility, creating awareness throughout the organization for digital exclusion is great and really gives the team a fulfilled feeling at the end of the day
  • Usability, checkpoints that indicate broken user journeys (broken links, broken videos, broken forms) have been solved for 90% in one year
  • The escalations that happened after the go-live of issues on new pages have gone down significantly
As mentioned previously, the tool is extremely intuitive and allows you to identify detailed issues but also large-scale issues on the template or component level. As an administrator, I also have the ability to manage checkpoints which is a real eye-opener. The Crownpeak form is a bit of an issue however the usability of the community site makes it feel as there is too much information, I've not dared to spend a lot of time in all the articles because it could be a full-time job.
As previously mentioned, the team that works on tickets is amazing, I get an elaborate response within 24 hours and they really think together with me on how to solve issues and create new checkpoints. The only reason why I'm giving a 9 is that the company contact could be improved with something like newsletters and less automated mails.
We did a demo between two companies and everything one lacked Crownpeak could provide, better pricing, better help, friendlier customer service, better tooling, allowing more customization, etc.

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If you have a fully customized cms and have people working on the site with html and css knowledge this is the best tool ever, all specifics can be checked. Using ab tests and optimization services we identify best practices of the website and everywhere the best practices aren't implemented we find using the custom checkpoints. Aspects that cannot be automated via a quick IT solution is turned into a checkpoint and that's great!

Using Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM)

50 - The people working in the tool are authors, content owners, product owners and service experts.
Most people use it to focus on checking on priority checkpoints, others try finding particular pages. Only a handful of people are using the tool for what it's intended; create and check all checkpoints, focus on automation and improvements that can be identified via the tool.
1 - We unfortunately have limited capacity however, with one FTE, one person that fully understands the ins and outs major changes can be made. We raised awereness, set up business cases for structural issues and and managed to get things rolling, hard. We're still expanding daily and get more and more done every rescan.
  • Web content accessibility guidelines and awareness
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ada/aoda/eda compliancy
  • Improved usability of the website
  • A QA on brand and legal aspects
  • A lot of issues cause for an overload of work, which enables you to look in to automation and structural changes
  • Dqm is partialy independent on cms, any change of cms is no trouble
  • Future checkpoints are still being setup
  • We're hoping the cp team will come up with more checkpoints as well
We've seen competitors, they're not doing as well of a job as dqm is. It's a wonderful tool and there a huge opportunities for crownpeak.