Way to go,!
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Updated April 10, 2015

Way to go,!

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I trust every day to load and export data in support of our instance, and our sales reps trust me to insert new data accurately and in a timely fashion. Without to support our ETL processes, I don't know what I would do. makes mapping fields extremely easy- and although performing bulk tasks in a live environment is always nerve-wracking, I am supremely happy to report that if anything should ever go wrong when upserting data I have only myself to blame.

I use both at my job, and as a consultant, for non-profit and for-profit institutions alike. My hat's off to Mulesoft for putting together a great program that I can trust. Despite bad apples in the world of software, I feel that Mulesoft and in particular are examples of success that live up to their promises.

Thank you Mulesoft for providing us with such a great tool!
  • Flexibility in extract and load processes; mapping fields is extremely easy.
  • Performance driven; jobs of 60,000 records take under a minute to complete.
  • Compatibility with all Salesforce objects, standard and custom.
  • At the moment, I can't find a way to rename jobs. This would be useful to organize what was previously created hastily by techs in a rush.
  • A preview of the job, especially upserts, would take a great deal of stress away from some of us (especially those who are not so confident in their ETL practice).
  • A native vlookup equivalent may be a welcome addition.
  • Increased employee efficiency, leading to happier sales reps and ultimately larger revenue.
  • Positive impact on quality of our data by giving us a way to load data in bulk that had to be cleaned outside of Salesforce.
  • Quickness and reliability, leading to better customer service with our sales reps.
  • Our constituents express confidence in our ability to upload data on a regular basis. is the first tool I've used to bulk load/export to and from Salesforce, and I would have to be persuaded to use another product. is well suited to extracting and uploading data, in small and large sets, from csv to Salesforce.

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