Druva works excellently with remote copies
May 08, 2021

Druva works excellently with remote copies

Jim Livingston | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Druva inSync

Druva has been our backup management service par excellence since we started using it. The platform shows many ways to monetize our data backup by being able to export the backups to almost any specialized web storage service. In addition, the data restoration capabilities are some of the most extensive we have tested.
  • No failures occur during the execution of the backup processes, not even if the files are damaged or corrupted due to external causes, as they are finished backing up, and once the process is finished we can continue with our regular operations by dropping the file.
  • The configuration of Druva can be done so quickly that it is possible to start copying data and backing it up to the cloud of our choice almost instantaneously, which shows how versatile the software is for people even without experience in this area.
  • When you need to manage all the different versions of the same file stored in a specific cloud, the platform offers the option to generate almost unlimited copies without making the process confusing, or making it difficult to access each file in a row.
  • It does not have a tool that makes backups can be scheduled at different levels, or automate them to run at certain times without the need to generate them manually, which leads to the need to work in real-time, which makes us lose time.
  • If there is a file being uploaded to the cloud and the connection is poor, uploads can be paused randomly if the Druva platform is placed in the background, and this can make work quite difficult if the user is busy with other activities, and forces the user to stay within the Druva screen.
  • It does not have a comfortable compression mechanism, and this makes it difficult to compress files when you need to upload them to the web.
  • In economic terms, Druva is sufficiently economical that recovering the investment made at the time of purchase is easy to achieve.
  • Prior to using Druva, we did not have the capacity to grow our ROI to a point where we could begin to see short-term gains.
We have integration with Box and it has been one of the best decisions we have made as we can combine physical and cloud storage with the web restore capability that Druva allows us to integrate by connecting it with other services.
All of Druva's work is excellent. By connecting Druva to various services such as Microsoft office 365, we get enough capacity to be able to back up and protect all the information stored in our office suite. The ease of restoring digital copies makes it possible to restore many files at the same time, which leaves us with a slicker and faster process than usual. Restores information from web servers, as in the case of Exchange online, and this is very useful to work entirely between one page and another, without the need to download the information.
Druva has been our platform par excellence for storing and backing up information since its discovery. It is extremely simple and fast to program cloud management tools, so that the work of safeguarding and moving information throughout our network is something comfortable to achieve, or in any case, that does not present problems during its development. Druva provides fairly standardized online assistance, with a well-trained support team that takes care of all the questions you may have when you need help, and that's why the best thing to do when you have problems with the software or need clarification is to contact them.
Since Druva is a service that saves all the data on the web in a short time, it is useful to generate massive file-saving operations that require a high degree of synchronization by all the computers that are attached to the management. It is excellent and highly recommended for freeing up space on physical hard disks so that all your information is moved to the cloud in the shortest possible time so that it can be safeguarded. Since it saves all variations of the same file, it could be used to create a space where you can make constant comparisons of changes in the work, and retrieve information from past versions in case you want to include something that has been removed in the new versions.