SchooX Review
July 05, 2017

SchooX Review

Shae DeZego | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • HotSchedules Train, Powered by Schoox

Overall Satisfaction with Schoox

HotSchedules Train is used by our entire organization. This is the system we use to train everyone in our company from hourly team members, to general managers and minor additions to our menu or a new system being implemented in our company. We use almost every aspect of this training tool minus a few. It is my job to create and upload our training into the system as well as maintain its accuracy.
  • Testing: The testing that HotSchedules Train provides is great because it allows you to create your own questions and answers providing multiple different types of questions.
  • Organized: The organization of this training system is very well put together. Being able to break down your training into curricula, course, lecture, on the job training. The system also allows you to create different categories for different curricula.
  • Reporting: At Hickory Tavern we are big into the reporting this system offers. We can view reporting any way we would like to. By location, job code, individual, course, curricula, you name it. This makes it easy for the training department to see where our training lacks.
  • User accounts: HotSchedules Train has each user in the system by first and last name which is a great tool but this becomes a problem when you have more than one person in your company with the same first and last name. Maybe they should identify by email instead of name so accounts of users with the same name do not merge together.
  • Copying Course or Test: Throughout the system you see the option to copy a course or a test but then the only place you can "paste" is within that same course or test. If I am creating two different courses or test that are similar it would be easy to use this function if it were designed a little better. Instead to "copy" a quiz you need to add all questions to a pool. In order to "copy" a course you would need to just create a new one from scratch.
Hotschedules Train compares to Blackboard because I am able to track everything a whole lot easier. It also allows me to input all kinds of documents instead of strictly word or excel documents. I am able to upload personal videos as well as bring in videos from another source (such as youtube). The reporting is simple and efficient through Schoox and I think overall the navigation is easier from a user and administrative standpoint.

Most of the time customer care is great when helping with troubleshooting. I think maybe extended training is necessary for the customer care team though because I have sent emails or been on the phone with people in that department that it became obvious to me that I knew more about the system than they did. I have also called into customer care before to ask for help and it was a Hotschedules representative that answered (not Schoox in particular) and they had no idea what Schoox was. If they are not trained in troubleshooting that system they should at least know what it is and who to transfer me to for help.

Other than the small issues with customer care not living up to expectations Schoox has been a wonderful tool for us as well as a major paper saver! We used to print all of our training and send it to all of our locations for training. We now have 27 locations with about 120 team members in each location, that is a lot of paper. Thanks for that Schoox!

Using Schoox

Once you learn how to use the Schoox system and really dive into it, the system is pretty easy to navigate. I will say when I started using this I believe it was fairly new and there was little to no training available. I had to learn to use the system by trail and error. The Schoox courses created to explain what Schoox is has a lot of information that looking back on are unnecessary for a beginner user. It was very confusing to keep all the information straight. I find that the more simple the knowledge to begin with the better. If the training for Schoox was more broken up by the different functions the better. When I am teaching a new manager how to use the system I begin by reviewing every tab across the top one they have logged in. This seems to work very well and it is something not included in the tutorial videos as I recall.
Yes - The mobile app is great for team members who simply need to use the app for training. Although it would be great if they had access to the discussion boards through the app! As far as administrative use or manager use the app is extremely limited. If I need to help a manager and all I have is my mobile device I have to log in through safari. Also when a team member is new the Hotschedules app would be nice if it had the option to navigate into Schoox from there the same way the desktop version does instead of having to log in through a browser.