The best tool for test Automation hands down
April 30, 2016

The best tool for test Automation hands down

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Overall Satisfaction with HP UFT

HP UFT is being used by the testing team in the company, the main use of HP UFT is to automate the regression testing, that is for projects where we do application implementations or enhancements to our current functionality on any of the platforms like Salesforce, Oracle, PeopleSoft or SAP. Testing is a phase of the project, during this phase the team creates manual functional tests that get executed during the first release or sprint. A few of those manual tests get selected in order to be part of the regression test suite. Those selected tests are then automated with the use of HP UFT in order to execute multiple regression cycles without having to allocate testers to this task. With HP UFT, the tests can be automatically executed with minimal supervision.
  • HP UFT is probably the best tool to do test automation. The support for multiple platforms and how easy it is to learn and use it make it one of the top choices when it comes to automating tests.
  • For data driven testing of business processes or test scenarios that require multiple executions but with the use of different sets of data for each execution, HP UFT is one of the best choices because the handling of data tables.
  • The record and play feature is really good, where testers can just start recording on HP UFT and execute the business process or test scenario while HP UFT records all the actions, those tests can be further enhanced by "parameterization" of inputs and outputs and the use of multiple rows of data for each test execution.
  • The main complaint for companies when adopting the use of HP UFT is the pricing. Yes, HP UFT has never been a cheap tool and it was the go-to solution for test automation for years, however there are now multiple tools now that do automation that are much cheaper or even free.
  • While the record and replay feature is really good and keeps getting smarter, in some cases the created tests need to be manually modified with the use of VBscript, new applications and platforms introduce new object definitions or types that sometimes HP UFT cannot natively support
  • Although HP UFT works flawlessly in conjunction with HP ALM, it would be good to have a more open architecture in order to integrate HP UFT with other tools or applications to organize tests and track execution besides HP ALM, though integration is possible, sometimes is not as easy to integrate.
  • ROI is evident after the first uses of HP UFT, the fact that you can execute several automated test cases with several iterations without the need to employ several testers to do the task a big save in time and resources.
  • The best utilization of HP UFT is for companies that have multiple applications (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle etc.) or to companies that are constantly introducing changes and improvements to their existing applications. In that way the testing can be automated and executed whenever needed without the need to hire multiple testing resources.
  • The negative impact would be the cost of HP UFT, then again if the plan is to use the tool in the long term, the investment pays for itself no doubt about it.
HP UFT is an excellent tool for test automation; very flexible and powerful. It is much more intuitive than and easier to use than Selenium, however, the only downside when compared side by side with freelance tools like Selenium is the pricing. Selenium can be acquired for free and if you invest time to learn it it can be a very powerful testing tool for automation.
It's excellent to automate testing for applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, SugarCRM, Oracle, web browsers etc. HP UFT is almost ready out of the box to support those and many other platforms. Where sometimes HP UFT falls short is in applications or web pages where dynamic or media plugins are present, such as flash, video etc. But in general for testing of data driven end-to-end business processes HP UFT is the best.