Kentico provides the perfect marriage of power and ease of use.
Updated July 07, 2015

Kentico provides the perfect marriage of power and ease of use.

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7 Ultimate and EMS

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  • Polls, Message Boards, Forums, Forms, and More!

Overall Satisfaction with Kentico 8

Kentico is currently being used in my organization for two separate websites. One is our main web site and that is used for providing knowledge that our nonprofit consulting team produces after working with clients to share and disseminate knowledge gained. The main web site is also used as a nonprofit executive job board which has been running since before we used Kentico. The other website we use Kentico for, currently, is a philanthropy site that supports our book and endeavor on great givers in philanthropy. Kentico has allowed our organization to worry less about how to get the site built and displaying their content and more about providing it through the Forms interface for articles. Its great API has allowed seamless migration of our job board into the CMS and integrated features for mailing our users that was not present before. It also provides a great document model system that allows us to define a video as a document. This helps in finding videos because videos are not files but documents that can be found and indexed by the search engine.
  • First and foremost, Kentico provides many ways to create solutions for your web site reasons. Many other CMS products lock you into their way of handling site solutions. Kentico ALWAYS has more than one and it gives you a great feeling of flexibility.
  • Their document model system, page template engine for displaying documents, and form method of creating these documents, removes the need for our content providers from doing the ground work of creating pages and lets them focus on the actual content. Makes it easier to focus development resources on other aspects of the site and not content support.
  • Their API's are very easy to understand, their support web site provides great examples of using the API to solve real world problems, and their forums are actively supported by users and support so you are not waiting for long for answers.
  • In addition to their web site support for the product, their support team provides outstanding support for the product and go the extra mile to help you. They will go on your site and help provide solutions you might not have thought of. They don't give up on you unlike a lot of other companies in my many years of experience with other CMS solutions and .NET libraries.
  • I would like to see more balance in their support. Sometimes their US support does not provide nearly the level of support their Czech team does. Sometimes I wait until I know that the Euro team is awake before posting an issue or question with the hope that they jump in.
  • More clearer documentation and more examples of using their API. It is such a good API but it could use more tactical examples and help. Sometimes they don't provide enough details and figure that you know about the API's before hand. They are so rich, its hard to know them all much less proper usage.
  • Their new website for Kentico 8 shows a great and fresh way of using Kentico 8 for creating a website, it would be great if they provided a step by step demo of how they did it so the users of Kentico can see how to navigate it.
  • Rebuild their WebParts and Widgets to use HTML5 instead of tables in many cases. And more documentation on how to style them instead of having to guess via Firebug or browser development tools on how to style the web parts.
  • Increased productivity of the content authoring team as they have less need to get involved with page creation than they would in other CMS solutions we have used in the past.
  • Faster time of development for modules to provide additional features because of their excellent API.
  • Removal of the need for an external email marketing engine for newsletter dissemination.
We used to use Ektron but that was a mess and it was their way or the highway. Their support was not there and their API was horrible. SiteFinity was our other CMS and it was good for many features but it just did not have the modules and support for document creation like we have with Kentico. Also, it got too expensive too fast. I evaluated SiteCore while I was looking for a new CMS but it was too limited with modules and was too expensive for our needs. Kentico was discovered while attending a SiteCore training for the purpose of evaluating SiteCore. A Kentico partner recommended it to us and after training on it as well for evaluation, it was the clear winner. It provided great modules, an easy way for our content authors to author content, and a great API and tools for migrating our content over from our other CMS solutions.
I can always recommend Kentico to a team that has money to spend on a CMS and whom have need for many of the features that Kentico provides out of the box. Even if they don't have a developer resource but have a person knowledgeable about HTML, I would recommend it since once it is setup, it is very easy to maintain. If they want a solution that needs a bit more mobile support than Kentico already provides I might suggest some other CMS solutions but those are for people who have far more money to spend. Kentico right now is a great solution for people who need a CMS and don't have a ton of cash to spend. Key questions I would ask would be their marketing needs, who their developer resources are or are not, what is their mobile needs, such as a supporting app. I would also ask if they even needs a CMS as that is a good question to ask anyone who thinks they need a CMS to ensure that a handcrafted solution might work better.

Kentico Xperience Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG editor
Code quality / cleanliness
Admin section
Page templates
Mobile optimization / responsive design
Publishing workflow
Form generator
Content taxonomy
SEO support
Bulk management
Availability / breadth of extensions
Community / comment management
Internationalization / multi-language
Role-based user permissions

Using Kentico 8

We are locked into Kentico for the long haul. It provides us with an easy and flexible solution for a very non technical company to create a site and have the features they want, especially with the inclusion of EMS into our license. Now we have a true platform to build and grow our solutions.