Linode is flexible and fast
March 31, 2021

Linode is flexible and fast

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

We're currently using Linode to host experimental and new deployments, and, having completed our evaluation period, we're roadmapping an infrastructure migration to go all in, replacing our current hosting providers. I appreciate having access to "raw" Linux boxes, running whatever we need, unmediated by the hosting vendor's interface. We've inherited a lot of classical consumer-grade web hosting stuff, so Linode really shines in comparison - no competition when it comes to instrumentation, scale, flexibility, etc. They have an API, too, so we're looking at potential dynamic provisioning from the app level in the future - it feels like a new world of possibilities have been opened up by working with a modern provider.
  • Pricing
  • Scale
  • API - love the programmability of the platform itself
  • Web interface is a little bit clunky sometimes - this has improved over time
  • Morale and productivity is all upside, transitioning from legacy infra
  • Flexibility of provisioning and deployment has opened doors
We're moving from Bluehost. We've found Bluehost to be overpriced, underperforming, and with support that's quite bad. Their offerings are geared toward consumers and it shows. You'll be paying more for things that are really antifeatures, like big clunky Cpanel installs that require specific OS versions and frozen system packages. Absolutely nightmarish to maintain. Antique, opaque billing system. Ossified. Coasting. Just not a good match for us.

Linode is the polar opposite. SSDs are table stakes, everything is on-demand and can be sampled at will, support has been gracious and eager to assist with our migrations - it feels like a banquet of options built just for us.

For a long time whenever I was looking for documentation online, I would
end up on a DigitalOcean tutorial, but in recent years Linode has even
caught up there. I opted to try out Linode due to mindshare among community figures I respect, and once I gave it a shot I was hooked. Never felt the need to look anywhere else afterward.

Whenever we've had reason to reach out, support has been courteous, competent, and immediate. We haven't yet had many issues that call for support, though - that itself is pretty nice.
The value is immense, coming from overpriced and inflexible legacy alternatives. Linode provided an immediate boost to productivity by blowing away swathes of cruft and providing a simple, scalable solution.
Our business provides digital presence for professionals, so uptime is critical.

We recently experienced our first maintenance downtime with Linode. We received an email a few weeks beforehand, and reminder emails and notifications, stating that they were going to perform some internal migrations and that a specific linode would be restarted. We were able to prepare and the entire thing happened without anyone noticing on the day of.
I find myself comparing them to Stripe - a fairly common service that's been redone right, by and for the types of people who have to actually use the thing every day. Programmers want to automate things and work with the tools they already use and value for their flexibility. Linode provides that low-level access and openness. The community images are also a great value add for rapid prototyping - and you can instantly spin up a nanode for next to nothing and mock it out.

It's definitely not for anyone who's unwilling to engage with the Linux ecosystem. I consider this a feature.