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LiveChat Review: "The support agents pal"
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December 28, 2017

LiveChat Review: "The support agents pal"

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Overall Satisfaction with LiveChat

Livechat is used across departments either for in-house communication between team members or for external communication between support team staffs and our customers and clients.
  • Social media integration : LiveChat has a new feature which allows visitors to our Facebook page chat with a support agent; meaning customers and potential customers alike can chat with our support team even on social media.
  • Website visitor data : LiveChat provides us with all needed data (information) about a web visitor to solve issues brought forward by the visitor or close sales. LiveChat provides information like the location of the visitor, his ISP, the last website he visited before clicking on our link , his device of access ,and every chat begins with a customizable pre-chat survey which collects the customers email, name and any other information we customize it to request for.
  • Message sneak peek : This feature allows the help desk agent take a look at what a customer is typing , even before it's sent or even if it is never sent. This allows us as help desk agents to prepare for questions even before we receive them.
  • Enterprice pricing : This is priced at $149 per month at the moment, and it is just too pricey.
  • Third party app. integration : At the moment, it is always a difficult experience attempting to integrate Livechat with third party CRM's. This need to be worked on.
  • LiveChat has allowed us have a database of past conversations of every customer who has ever chatted with an agent, thus allowing us analyze this information to improve our service offering.
  • LiveChat has reduced our website's churn rate.
  • Intercom
LiveChat is specifically a help desk tool and it does a good job around this niche market. Intercom tries to be a sales, help desk and marketing tool and isn't top-notch in any of these markets. LiveChat provides more support agent styled features than Intercom.
Livechat is suited for conversation with web visitors and also for triggering welcome messages to web visitors. A welcome message sometimes can make a visitor choose to talk with an agent, thus, increasing their chances of using the service being offered.

Livechat is currently not suited for video or voice conversations.