Mutiple reasons to add MVT to your mix with Maxymiser
Updated February 04, 2015

Mutiple reasons to add MVT to your mix with Maxymiser

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle CX Marketing (formerly Oracle Marketing Cloud)

Maxymiser is being used to deliver multivariate tests across all of our platforms (mobile, desktop and tablet). We are looking at complex users problems associated with straight conversion and value added products. We also use the self service tool to manage simpler creative and placement tests to get quicker answers.
  • The pre-work maxymiser did to identify the make up of our current sites, where the break points were and identified areas to structure first tests. As someone with no previous UX experience this gave great confidence in their ability to grow our business. This proved to be the case with the first test delivery incremental sales worth over £600,000 a year.
  • Maxymiser's depth of analysis on a test continually surprises me (in a good way). It's developed my understanding of the customer experience far beyond what Google Analysis was telling me, allowing to see how the interaction between the elements creates a great customer experience. Just having great content isn't enough you need to tell a story that empowers customers to make the decisions you want them to make.
  • The most important thing I've found about Maxymiser is their honesty. If something is awful you will be told and if it's great then it won't be fake praise designed to just cater to the client's ego. This is what I value the most as it's stopped me and my team from making costly mistakes and also got to the point where we are getting real insight, rather than just scoring quick wins.
  • Whist we've been with them Maxymiser have experienced a good growth period but with that has come teething problems with recruiting experienced members of staff and at time the service level has suffered, not to a poor level but below the good standard they had set themselves.
  • You need to be careful with the level of assumption you make about your own business, we've had occasions because we've not mentioned it on a brief that there would be no change to a function only this to happen to accommodate the perimeters of a test. It's been a learning from us and Maxymiser to include what's in a test and also what isn't
  • The ROI has been around £9 for every £1 we've invested a straight conversion increase. This does include items where without testing we would have done that would of lost revenue.
  • This has increased job satisfaction within my team. They enjoy the testing and working with maxymiser. Plus it's always satisfying to get a positive result
I have no previous MVT experience prior to this role. Personally I'd recommend Maxymiser for the reason that I've been able to pick up the activity and with their assistance move to where this is a vital part of our mix within 18 months. I've found normally adding new items is problematic without having existing skills in place. With Maxymiser we've been able to integrate quickly.
I'd recommend it to most businesses. As a client you can tailor the level of support you need and use your credits as you see fit. This has helped my team dedicate the correct amount of resources to the right areas, and also manage when integrating new skills where we need more support, and then being able to use the service unaided for other tasks. The level of analysis is decent and always looks to give a balanced view even when we've been demanding a quick answer!

Using Oracle CX Marketing (formerly Oracle Marketing Cloud)

3 - content and UX
We've just renewed. Which speaks for itself.