NetBase Review from an avid user
August 10, 2015

NetBase Review from an avid user

Caitlin Bishop | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

NetBase is being used across our organization by several departments, mostly strategy and analytics. We use it to gather information about how people are talking about a product, brand, or category. We use it in new business pitches to see how our brand is stacking up against their competitors and identify creative opportunities. We also use it with our clients to monitor conversation around a campaign, or conversation around our brand on a regular basis.
  • The analyze dashboard is very easy and intuitive, you can click into things that interest you and immediately see what's driving them.
  • You can see the most popular sounds bites that generated more conversation and the most influential authors in the conversation, helps inform the content we make.
  • You can't filter the conversation based on audience which has been the biggest request we haven't been able to address with the tool.
  • Filtering for spam can take up a lot of time depending on your topic, for example, if you're looking to get information on NY & Co. (the brand) you will likely spend several hours filtering. There are some tools I've seen that make sorting easier, but will still leave you sorting for a while.
10+, mostly strategy and analytics. Community managers as well who sit with strategy.
  • NetBase has helped us quantify our recommendations to our clients and creative teams.
  • It has helped us identify interesting creative spaces and insights based on what people are talking about, it shows different ways that you may not have thought of.
  • Sysomos Heartbeat,Sysomos MAP,Crimson Hexagon ForSight
The only other tool we really considered was Crimson Hexagon. Sysomos' user experience was so difficult to grasp that we didn't get very far, I probably spent at least 3 entire work days trying to set things up and understand what I was doing with Sysomos and it wasn't happening.
Ultimately, we loved the insights Crimson gave us into our audiences, but their access to Facebook conversation was limited and it doesn't pick up sentiment right away, you have to train it, and training a topic took several hours. It just wasn't realistic for us to take several hours of set up before running a topic. You can run a topic without training it, but we were already used to having sentiment given to us right away with NetBase, so losing that feature was hard for us to do. I would still consider Crimson in the future, as the tools are always changing for both NetBase and Crimson.
The team there is incredibly helpful, jumping in on projects with us and always available to hop on the phone and help us. They're truly partners of ours. The tool itself is very robust. Even if we just use the simplest features, it's amazing to be able to report on the success of a campaign hashtag in under an hour, with analysis, under 10 minutes if not [less].
We have a need for rapid topic creation and NetBase is good for this. We tested Crimson Hexagon and it took too long to set up topics for us to be able to use it. We work on a lot of one off projects and new business and NetBase is able to keep up.

For our regular clients it's especially useful for those that are interested in analytics and consistent monitoring. You can see from week to week how conversation changes around your brand, or how a campaign is being received.

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