Why OneNote? Because what it cannot do, I can count on maybe 3 fingers.
Brad Bratcher | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 17, 2018

Why OneNote? Because what it cannot do, I can count on maybe 3 fingers.

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Overall Satisfaction with OneNote

Currently, my team and I use OneNote in the O365 version. We use it so that we can update our product and procedure notes and illustrations in real time. Moreover, when giving customer presentations, I have found that this is more organic and less formal than presenting a Powerpoint deck. It enables much flexibility to show the flow of the recommended solution and allow the customer and I to come closer together in understanding what we are looking to solve. The OneNote search feature enables the 'jumping around' rather than the stilted flipping through slides looking for the right thing.
  • Tabs-Enabling quick look up even without using the search feature. Also, because of the sub-tabs, items can be updated quickly and neatly.
  • Search-As the content grows, this is without a doubt one of the more used features and it does not disappoint.
  • Multi-Format and document linking. If there is something that is customer facing, I put these things into the short version when I am giving my presentations.
  • Writing - With the growth of tablets, this seems to be a no-brainer. However, I use it to overwrite illustrations. Again as with the advantage of presenting in a more natural flow, using the pen/highlighting tools to draw attention is invaluable.
  • The phone app is too 'heavy.' A large download.
  • Lists - I still keep the ToDo's on Evernote but hope that OneNote updates this to something a bit more friendly and maybe even something that can be written at the desk and then deployed to the phone.
  • The cells on top of cells sometimes are frustrating when you are copying and pasting from one document to OneNote.
  • Real-time updating across the team
  • No longer needing to search as much for the proper presentation before a call
  • Sharing with end users made easier
As stated earlier, Evernote is a little better at mobile and list making. Especially when doing things like needing to record different media types [written, photos, audio recording]. That being said, if Evernote shut its doors tomorrow, I'd just download all of that content and import into OneNote. If the inverse were true, life would stink for the type of work that I do and how much I depend on it.
Well Suited: Portfolio 'Bibles' - Just like the old 3 ring binder notebooks that salespeople used to haul around, OneNote is the digital equivalent but much more tidy and less bulky.
Less Appropriate: Generating new content. Because of its amorphous [for want of a better term] nature, it is easier to go to another application in the office suite and drag/copy over to OneNote rather than starting and finishing within OneNote.

OneNote Feature Ratings

Video files
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File organization
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Using OneNote

10 - Sales and Sales Engineering
1 - And that may be generous. Most of the OneNote support issues can be solved with a quick Bing inquiry.
  • Hardware and Software portfolio and keeping it up to date.
  • Customer presentations over PowerPoint for more versatile and conversation-based explanation rather than Death by PowerPoint.
  • Concept review for self-education.
  • See the OneNote over PowerPoint point made earlier
  • Communicating product updates
  • Collaboration - neither unexpected or innovative but it keeps us out of hot water in ensuring we are using the most current data
  • New hire onboarding materials
  • Pre/During/Post call or presentation checklist for follow up
I could not imagine living without it.

Evaluating OneNote and Competitors

Yes - Evernote. I still use it for 'on the fly' type of things as well as saving web pages to read later but other than that, OneNote has an easier to navigate user experience.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
It handles multiple applications and rarely loses the formatting unless that is your wish.

Using OneNote

Even if it's not intuitive, you can easily save your work until you can figure out how to do something.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Coloring: As silly as this may sound, the makes finding sub-tabs much faster when flipping around.
  • Layout - Moveable and easy to customize to your liking.
  • Saving - If all of my other MS apps did this well, life would be easier.
  • Screen capture Win+Shift+S and you get the capture and can automate what gets down with it, simply coped for pasting purposes of sent directly to a predesignated spot in OneNote.
  • Sometimes format can be kludgey.
  • Different boxes on top of one another. You know how you can hit F2 in excel when you are in a cell with the end result of a formula, I'd like that same functionality in OneNote but all of the perimeters of the boxes get highlighted. This may exist but I have yet to find a shortcut.
  • Speaking of shortcuts, even though I did laud the screenshot and what comes after [as to where it get goes or gets deposited], I miss the shorter version of the screenshot shortcut. Also, and this is more OS blaming than OneNote, OneNote has to be open for the 3 shortcut functions to work.
Yes - The format seems to be better optimized for larger screens, so anything above a smartphone screen is ideal. It also eats a lot of storage on the mobile version.