Onesafe one of the best alternatives for Password Management

Overall Satisfaction with oneSafe

It helps to keep our passwords safe, organized, and backed up in an easy way.
  • Cheaper than the competition.
  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly.
  • Passwords for documents inside the app is a good service!
  • It has some features that aren’t useful at all. I mean that there are some features that are not used frequently.
  • The Mac prices are a little bit elevated compared with their competition.
  • They should do the UI a little bit more formally.
  • It helps to keep our passwords safe and in hand when we need them.
  • Has reduced calls to IT to recover Passwords.
I actually use both, but both have different special features. Of course, the password management is the same, but for example, the in-app document password protection of OneSafe is Amazing. I still use both, just as a backup (you never know when an app could fail).
Well suited to password Management and making documents with password protection -- Something that most of their competitors don’t have. You can also have multiple types of passwords (numbers, figures, letters, patterns), which is something nice.