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User Review: "eCommerce a/b Testing Tool: Optimizely"

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TrustRadius Review Summary

We use Optimizely for eCommerce conversion, increasing click through rates and engagement. The product has a simplistic UI, but allows you delve deep if necessary. Reporting and metrics are easy to explain to non technical people. Cost-effective and provides strong ROI.

Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely

Overall Optimizely Rating : 8 of 10

Optimizely Average: 8.7

Optimizely Pros

  • Simplistic UI, but allows you to get dirty in the JavaScript and HTML if necessary.
  • Reporting and validation metrics are easy to explain to non savvy analytic people.
  • Digestible "QA "

Optimizely Cons

  • Depending on the page scenario, sometimes loads pages very slowly.
  • Don't recommend inserting elements with this tool, the z-index will sometimes be off w/ different browsers.

ROI on Optimizely purchase

  • Validating treatments against controls that build a positive ROI.
  • Allows justification of development time where needed.

Likelihood to Renew Optimizely : 8 of 10

Optimizely Average: 8.8
Affordable and ease of use with a positive ROI.

Using Optimizely

Key Optimizely Use Cases

  • eCommerce conversion.
  • Increase click through rates / increase online conversion.
  • User engagements and how to increase them on landing pages.

Evaluating Optimizely and Competitors

Products Replaced by Optimizely

We used no prior technical software package.  But do have an in-house A/B testing platform and track with Google Analytics.
 - Being agile is important in A/B testing and Optimizely allowed us to get the results needed w/o major development contributions.

Optimizely Implementation

Optimizely Implementation Rating and Lessons : 8 of 10

Optimizely Average: 8.2
We use a third-party tagging tool that allows business users to insert JavaScript into pages.  I don't holistically recommend this because it can slow page loads.  It's best to implement directly on the page.

Also, it can be difficult to carry the reporting variables over to Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.

Optimizely Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Implemented in-house

Optimizely Training

Methods Used for Optimizely Training


Ease of Optimizely Training

Yes, this tool is similar to other A/B testing tools.  So if you have experience with them, you'll have no problems.

Optimizely Support

Overall Support Rating for Optimizely : 10 of 10

Optimizely Average: 8.9
When I had question, I got a quick response with a solution.
This review was published on October 15, 2013

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