Optimizely Rocks
August 14, 2015

Optimizely Rocks

Renee Thompson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely

My team uses Optimizely; we are responsible for conversion optimization across my company. I have 2 folks that work for me, and we are the 3 users. We are an online B2B media company, so we use Optimizely to run tests across our network of sites (~75 sites) and landing pages, with a goal of increasing conversions (leads, registrations) as well as engagement (primarily measured by pages per visit and time on site).
  • Stellar support. Every person we've worked with on the support side has been knowledgeable and super helpful. Top notch for sure, and a great attitude to go along with the support.
  • The product is so easy to use. Flexible while being user-friendly. We are able to do things quickly and easily that we could not do - even with consultant support - with competitive software.
  • Community. The online community is great - it has great content, frequently updated with lots of people contributing. Most questions can be answered by checking the online community/online support. The community manager, Amanda, rocks!
  • Reporting/exporting is a challenge if you want to report on data across multiple campaigns. This may not be an issue for some, but for us we typically have multiple test campaigns set up in support of a particular project. We compile/aggregate results manually. We have to look up/export results campaign by campaign, which is time-consuming.
  • While the product, development/engineering, support and community folks at Optimizely are rock stars, their sales folks are not. Most of the people have impressed us in so many ways - so very customer-oriented, as Optimizely tends to be as a company/brand. However, from our perspective it's felt a little like the sales folks are not even part of the same organization. Very 'traditional' salesy. :(
  • We'd like to be able to set up multiple 'projects' in Optimizely for better/easier organization. However, each project requires its own code snippet for your site(s). This precludes us from creating multiple projects, and thus it's a little unwieldy in our interface. Also, since we have so many sites and campaigns, our code snippet is much larger than we would like. This again is a symptom of our own organization, where we have many, many sites (unlike many other companies).
  • Increased member conversion/registration rate on core websites
  • Increased site engagement (pages per visit, time on site)
  • Increased conversion/registration rate on marketing landing pages
Prior to Optimizely, we used Test & Target (now Adobe, formerly Omniture and before that, Offermatica). Optimizely is better in every way. It's much easier to use (interface), and it's MUCH easier to have tests run since it requires just one code snippet (where T&T often requires separate code for each test, meaning getting development/engineering involved much more often). We are able to run MORE tests and be much more efficient with Optimizely. We always had problems trying to set up true conversion tests with T&T, since we could track click goals but never 'submission' goals. We worked with T&T support/consultants and still could not manage to get tests working like we wanted. With Optimizely this was a snap. The support team is heads and shoulders better than T&T/Adobe - SO very knowledgeable, and very easy and fun/flexible to work with.
Honestly I think Optimizely works for any company - all industries/business types.