Pipedrive makes sure no leads slip through the cracks
Updated April 27, 2021

Pipedrive makes sure no leads slip through the cracks

Jason Carlage | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pipedrive

We used Pipedrive as a CRM for about a year, ending our subscription with it last year. We wanted something that was easy to use and we were attracted to the notifications it provides users when leads need to be followed up with. It seemed like the right move for a sales organization.
  • It helps ensure leads don't get stale. It will highlight leads that need follow up based on specific criteria that the user has input. The icons next to each lead make it very clear what stage the lead is on and what type of follow up is needed.
  • Easy to use. It is relatively easy to learn and use Pipedrive. The process of entering leads and moving them through various stages is simple and clear.
  • Improves communication between sales and management. Pulling up Pipedrive it's easy to see the top leads and what needs to be done, so this takes some time off of reps having to tell the story of each lead to management.
  • Support is limited for small accounts. There are certain plans that offer chat and phone support, but for us, as a small business, we had some limited email support. It wasn't needed often as Pipedrive is pretty intuitive, but I could see this being an issue depending on the needs of the team.
  • Downloading leads on Pipedrive was a little cumbersome. There are a few steps needed to download the leads, and then you'll have to ensure that the settings are right to get all the leads you want. This can be done but with limited support, it can be tricky.
  • The reporting is a little limited. You can generate reports that show all of your leads and lead stages, which was enough for us, but if you're looking for some more advanced reporting to determine things like retention rates you won't find it, at least in the plan we had.
  • It had a positive impact on our ROI. We had been keeping all of our leads on google sheets and inevitably during busy selling seasons, some leads can slip through the cracks or not get followed up with quickly enough. Pipedrive makes that virtually impossible so long as a rep is logging in. There were two leads specifically I can remember where reps said that Pipedrive reminded them to follow up at the right time, and that paid for the service several times over.
  • In addition to reminding reps to follow up with sales leads, we used it with current customers as well and this helped us with customer retention.
I really like Pipedrive for a small business or a Salesforce with a lot of newer reps. It's so simple to see at a glance what is needed for follow up of all top leads, and all leads in general. Reps won't forget the next steps because of the reminders, and it's very easy to add leads and update them. Getting reps trained and up to speed in a sales organization can be time-consuming and Pipedrive won't take nearly as much handholding as some of the other CRM's we've used and seen. It's also relatively inexpensive. That being said the reporting and customer service is not as strong as some of the others but both are outweighed by the ease of use and ability to quickly see what the next steps are for all leads.
For a small sales organization, or with a company that has a lot of newer sales reps, Pipedrive is great. It's hard to lose track of leads because of the notifications; as long as reps are inputting data properly and staying on top of moving leads along through the various stages, Pipedrive is a very effective way to track and prioritize leads. Opportunities won't just slip through the cracks.

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