Qualaroo is still the king of microsurveys
October 22, 2013

Qualaroo is still the king of microsurveys

Vanessa Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Refine your target audience (i.e. show a survey to people who have visited at least 5 pages on your website this visit and have remained on the 5th page for at least 10 seconds).
  • Customize question types (e.g. open-ended response, multiple option select, single option select).
  • Track open rate (it seems the system tracked impressions rather than unique views thus making it very difficult to compute an accurate response rate).
  • Make it easy to create and test rules (i.e. we set up for a user to see a survey one time, after visiting 5 pages on our site, after remaining on last page for 10 seconds, but we noted many users saw the 'nudge' multiple times. Thus, either it wasn't easy enough to set up and we did it wrong, or, we set it up correctly and there are bugs).
  • It is very difficult to calculate this without knowing an accurate response rate. We utilize other survey methods that are labor intensive (and thus expensive). Qualaroo is hands-off and requires little work beyond initial setup, so if the response rate is equal to or greater our other systems, it definitely pays for itself. Sadly, because of what I described previously, we don't know if this is true.
For a small business, Qualaroo is expensive. Without being able to accurately compute response rates, it is hard to justify the cost.
There is a small business plan - although it is hidden - https://qualaroo.com/qualaroo-for-small-business/
for a cost of $79/month or just under $50 if billed annually. This was still a bit more than we were hoping to pay.

Product Usage

  • To obtain quick, measurable user feedback on specific issues.
  • To obtain immediate feedback from users.

Evaluation and Selection

We tried using SurveyMonkey for microsurveys, but the result was less impressive. Qualaroo offered the level of customization we desired - for example, being able to set a delay for the survey popup.


The implementation was quick and easy. We sent the details to our development team and it was done in a flash!



Qualaroo is quite responsive, but the representative my team spoke to seemed to have difficulty understanding the technical aspects of the product. They were unable to provide a clear answer about how to compute the response rate. However, they did extend our free trial as well as allow us to see beyond the first 50 responses (you are limited on the free plan).