SAP S/4HANA is sigh!
December 15, 2021

SAP S/4HANA is sigh!

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Overall Satisfaction with SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is used for marking, tracking, and analyzing presence, working hours, and tasks an individual worked on. So it's a very important tool [that] is being used every day at my organization by every employee. So, I have found SAP S/4HANA quite useful and supportive. But there were [a] few instances where I found this product can be improvised or a workaround should be considered for.
1. User interface can be improved. [The] current interface is not up to the mark as it's not very easy to understand working and [using] this product by just one look.
2. [The] second point is again related to the UI; exception handling can be disintegrated to produce [an] even more meaningful message to the user if anything goes wrong.
3. Chart which shows the working hours can be filled for continuous 10 hours for any day just by dragging the bars present over [the] chart, but beyond that user has to do some manual inputs to go beyond 10 hours. I know no organization asked to work that long in a single day, but in some situations, we had extended our support beyond 15 hours, and I faced [the] above issue. Just to make [the] product robust, every corner should be taken into consideration.
4. [...] I have felt the algorithm working backend for this product can be optimized to lower the turnaround time for any request.
5. Functionality to opt for batch edit or update or input should be there.
  • Capturing data, and constructing a better analytical view
  • It's quite user friendly, so if a new person is introduced, [not] much support is required
  • It's [...] single page so it gives a handy way to collect data
  • Information segregation
  • UI can be improved. I have mentioned some detailed points in feedback; please check those.
  • Algorithm design can be improvised to make it faster, as it's been used for [...] small to giant organizations hence turnaround time matters.
  • Functionality to accept batch update, edit or submit info can be introduced.
  • Exception handling seems to be very basic, so that thing can be broken down [into] more specific cases, and such things should be prompted, so users don't have to think a lot about what went wrong.
  • [The] best part is the report, metrics which were quite useful to show data to clients to prove consistency.
  • Billing and working hours match comes in a [way] which makes [...] learning for future biddings.
  • Since it's [a] very easy tool, comes with [...] flexibility [of]choices, and [...] great support [...] implementing this product in [an] organization and letting people learn uses on [a] daily basis is not a time-consuming thing. [It] saves a lot of time to work on some other things and generate some more revenue.
  • Cost is something which can be lowered for this product.

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I can't vouch [for] the best rating as I can see some improvisation, be it UI or turnaround time to some technical break downs which narrow the exceptions and let users more interactive with the functionalities. I have given [a] better than good rating as the metrics [and] reports configurations are quite awesome. The tool is quite easy to use, and one can easily excavate detailed reports, which are quite easy to analyze and get [benefits].
Support from SAP S/4HANA is quite appreciated. As the team is always ready to anticipate and give heads-up to implement tools in the organization, a lot of variables and parameters are always there to get [the] best reports and analysis. [Still,] one can go and ask for flexibility, and support is always there to listen and help us out. They have [...] great support for each and every possible aspect.
Scenarios where SAP S/4HANA is well suited:
1. Collecting info and producing it in [a] systematic manner which can further be instrumented for better analytical tacts.
2. Using this product is quite easy; hence to use this product is no big deal.
3. From the end of [the] implementor, since this comes with great customization so there's a lot of flexibility which is very much required for a readymade product.
4. Great support from the SAP itself.

Now whats not appropriate;
1. In my organization, [the] size of [the] company is quite big, and most of the time people use this product [at the] same time hence a lag is observed which can be improvised by optimizing the backend also and design (as per my thoughts).
2. Whenever there's some issue in using this product, the exceptions come in a very general way, which causes, rather forces, to restart the process and go for the same way again. So a workaround room is there, that exceptions should be broken down to more specific cases which can lead [the] user to narrow down thoughts what went wrong and can support in [a] better way.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Feature Ratings

Accounts payable
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Accounts receivable
Inventory tracking
Automatic reordering
Location management
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Order entry
Cost of goods sold
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Pay calculation
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Benefit plan administration
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Direct deposit files
Standard reports
Custom reports
API for custom integration
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability
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