The best platform for electronic signing!
Updated February 23, 2022

The best platform for electronic signing!

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Overall Satisfaction with SignNow

SignNow is being used by the HR department. We use it for all new hires who are going to work with our company in order to send new hire paperwork for review and signing. This includes job policies and procedures, offer letters and employment agreements/contracts and other documents as necessary for employment. We also use it to send paper timesheets for signatures and expense reports.
  • Grouping multiple documents together into one package.
  • Sending 1 document to multiple people at one time.
  • Showing completed documents versus incomplete documents.
  • Allows more than one signer one document.
  • Being able to edit a document after it has been sent to someone.
  • Being able to choose a folder rather than archive bulk invites.
  • Being able to add or remove documents from an incomplete group document after it has been sent.
  • SignNow provides better efficiency.
  • Cuts down on time with hand signing documents.
  • Several documents can be sent within a few clicks.
I am neutral. I have not needed much support while using this system.
SIgnNow is very user friendly and easy to use for both the people who are administering documents and the people who are receiving and signing the documents.

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SignNow is extremely user-friendly and convenient to use. It is also constantly updated with new looks or functionality which keeps it easy to use and more efficient and effective for everyday use. Our employees also say it is easy to use and easy to access documents without having to create an account.

Using SignNow

3 - Our Human Resources and recruitment team use this platform on a daily basis. The platform is mainly used for new hire paperwork and other important forms or information that needs to be completed by candidates or employees with general information or to provide a signature and date on certain forms.
3 - Our HR department supports SignNow on an on-going basis.
  • Document signing and dating.
  • New Hire Documents completion (up to 20 forms to be completed).
  • Document Group Template Creation.
  • Being able to send multiple people the same document at the same time (bulk invites).
  • Notarizing of documents.
  • Detected fillable field (autofill fields).
  • Being able to create of copy of a document group template.
We love SignNow. SignNow has allowed our business to function more efficiently and effectively. It has also allowed us to streamline our onboarding process and allow us to have everything electronic and use less paper. We are also able to reach and hire people all over the world. Employees and candidates are able to access and sign important and time sensitive documents quickly. The system is user friendly and straightforward.

Evaluating SignNow and Competitors

Yes - We replaced DocuSign with SignNow because it became too expensive for our companies budget and we needed a platform that was more cost-effective and user-friendly. SignNow provides all of the functions we need and more. We can now create group templates of documents that are specific to certain contracts and we can customize the message that we send to each candidate within the group template as well.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Pricing and features were most important when choosing SignNow. SignNow is thousands of dollars cheaper than our previous platform, DocuSign. It offers features that we needed such as templates, multiple signers, bulk inviting, radio buttons, the resending function, document groups and dragging and dropping documents right into the main page to be uploaded.
I would not change it. SignNow is simply the best platform and we will not be replacing it anytime soon.

SignNow Implementation

Make sure you know exactly what you need before implementation and be sure to ask how to use the most important functions of the system that you will be using.

SignNow Training

It was nice to be shown the basics of the system and be able to see or understand the specific functions our company would need to use, such as the template creation, document grouping and document group templates. Being taught on how to use these functions, made learning them much easier.

SignNow Support

Using SignNow

The system is very user friendly and easy to maneuver throughout as a signer and as someone who is administering the documents on the backend. It is easy to upload documents, add fields, create templates and create document groups or templates. You can also easily change email addresses if needed and add multiple signers for different sections of documents.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Uploading documents.
  • Replacing signers.
  • Creating document groups.
  • Creating templates.
  • Adding/removing fields.
  • Bulk inviting.
  • Document group templates.

SignNow Reliability

SignNow is always available when I need it. It seems that most updates occur outside of business hours so I have full functionality when I need it most between the hours of 8am-6pm EST. There has only been I time when I experience application errors when I need to use the system but it did not last long and the issue was resolved within a few hours.

Upgrading SignNow

  • Notarizing function.
  • Being able to send document groups to more than one signer.
  • Creating a copy of a document group template.
SignNow is more user-friendly and inviting. The platform is also cleaner and clearer and easier to understand. At the time that we made the switch to SignNow, it provided more functionality and the ability to have a more personalized experience when using the product than DocuSign did. SignNow was also more cost-effective for the number of documents we send in a year.