SolarWinds makes your life easier and your network more efficient.
Callen Gilmartin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated July 17, 2020

SolarWinds makes your life easier and your network more efficient.

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

We the application monitor to both keep track of and monitor the nodes on our network. It not only allows us to pinpoint areas of failure, but is a thorough system to documents IP addresses, MAC addresses, and SMTP devices such as networked cameras. The alert system in SolarWinds is probably the most useful tool - we have setup intricate monitors and alerts to correctly alert the right department at the right time. The versatility of the program allows us to monitor everything from servers, to switches, to specific processes running on VM's hundreds of miles away.
  • Versatility: The program allows for monitoring of almost any system, simple or complex and allows for intricately programmed alerts based on each monitor.
  • Ease of use: Type in the URL, and you are greeted with a fully customizable dashboard with any and all of the pertinent features to your workflow.
  • Modular: The program itself is very powerful, but the ability to add or remove features based on need is exceptional compared to competitors.
  • Help links & additional tool-tips. Having thorough and easy to understand instructions is the most important part of software this comprehensive and it would be great to include direct links to wiki pages.
  • Monitor/Alert templates. The program could use more and simpler alerts and monitors.
Without SolarWinds, our downtime would double if not triple. SolarWinds not only alerts us of issues immediately, but it does so very effectively by only alerting you of major issues and only alerting the right people. Its ability to not only watch locally hosted devices but also off-site and cloud devices make it a must-have for any large network.
SolarWinds automated discovery is a godsend. It quickly finds new nodes and accurately predicts exactly what would you want to be monitored. When making new monitors and alerts the program is able to find the corresponding network path in no time. Our organization would be far less capable and a lot less effective at troubleshooting without the program.
The program can perform in-depth analysis of server and application performance and using long term data, IT teams can plan and predict what needs to be done to enhance the performance and reliability of any part of a network. SolarWinds is vital to the health of our network and always will be.
  • Decreased downtime across all network applications. Time is money and SolwarWinds saves you both.
  • Increased productivity. Our IT team is able to perform the needed work at a much faster pace than without the program.
  • SolarWinds versatility has saved countless hours of searching for the right tools to achieve a task because they all right there in front of you.
  • SolarWinds Log & Event Manager
  • SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer
  • SolarWinds Network Device Monitor
  • SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor
The way SolarWinds integrates is various products and modules makes for an extremely easy to use and conjunctive environment. Using the various products we own together has allowed for countless major issues to be avoided before they even began. Multiple departments are able to use the software to achieve their own specific goals and because of this, SolarWinds is an integral part of our organization.
While SolarWinds does not offer an appliance-based setup the usability offered from running through a VM is miles ahead of the competitors. Being able to easily migrate from something like windows HyperVisor to VMWare without any setbacks or serious network configuration leads me to believe that SolarWinds is the be all, end all answer for us when it comes to monitoring software.
The best use for SolarWinds is a comprehensive organizational and network monitoring tool. The network atlas/mapping tool is extremely useful for visualization of the physical locations of cameras, switches and numerous other network devices. SolarWinds is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to performance, however. It should be used only on large-scale server clusters that can handle the load efficiently.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Feature Ratings

Application monitoring
Database monitoring
Threshold alerts
Predictive capabilities
Application performance management console
Collaboration tools
Out-of-the box templates to monitor applications
Application dependency mapping and thresholding
Virtualization monitoring
Server availability and performance monitoring
Server usage monitoring and capacity forecasting
IT Asset Discovery

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Premier Support

SolarWinds and their staff provide excellent and timely service to all of their customers.
They answer questions almost immediately and are very flexible in their efforts to provide the best possible experience for the end user. In my personal struggles with managing SolarWinds the staff have taken the time to walk me through every step and over every hurdle.
Personalized support service - The response time from a Premier Support agent is better than most race cars! No other vendor treats us with the diligence and timeliness as the Solarwinds team. The extra benefits far out way any negatives and the cost. There is near no comparison to others when it comes to the support team here. I highly recommend their Premier Support.
The health check provided by SolarWinds has proved to be a vital part of our custom environment. Managing and monitoring hundreds of servers can prove to be a daunting task.
SolarWinds makes it a breeze to easily check the health and status of each and every physical machine, VM, hypervisor, and switch in a network layout.
During our upgrade process from SolarWinds 2012 all the way to the latest version of 2019/2020 we needed all the help we could get. The article and forums weren't cutting it, but the SolarWinds support team guided us through the process without a hitch. We did not experience any down time to our single most useful piece of software (SolarWinds).
Until our recent mass upgrade though almost 10 years of SolarWinds versions we had only upgraded once. When the time came and our workflow allowed, we finally upgraded to the latest SAM/NPM. The assistance from SolarWinds through that process made it possible to upgrade with no downtime to our most mission critical systems.