Software Configuration Management Tools

Best Software Configuration Management Tools include:

Perforce, Micro Focus Change Management, and IBM Rational ClearCase.

Software Configuration Management Tools Overview

What are Software Configuration Management Tools?

Software Configuration Management (SCM) Tools handle the task of tracking and controlling changes in the software. This includes identifying individual elements and configurations, tracking changes, and version selection, control, and baselining. Some products also include defect tracking capabilities.

SCM Tools Features & Capabilities

  • Version management / Single source of truth

  • Concurrency management

  • Flexible branching

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Integration with other development tools

  • Workflow and process automation

  • Rapid reliable rebuilds

  • Automated cleanup of dead code branches

  • Rapid hotfix and feature release

Software Configuration Management vs. Configuration Management

Software configuration management is primarily focused on revision control. This category is part of a broader category called Configuration Management. Configuration Management goes beyond revision control to include capabilities such as monitoring and asset discovery, patch management, software deployment and distribution, and automated administration and maintenance. This broader category has become important with the advent of DevOps which brings development and IT closer together through continuous deployment.

Software Configuration Management Products

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Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS)
273 ratings
41 reviews
Top Rated
Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System) is an agile development product that is an extension of the Microsoft Visual Studio architecture. Azure DevOps includes software development, collaboration, and reporting capabilities.
23 ratings
10 reviews
Multinational company Perforce, headquartered in Alameda, California offers software configuration and version control.
9 ratings
4 reviews
AccuRev, a software configuration management offering, is now owned and supported by Micro Focus since the December 2013 acquisition.
Visual SourceSafe (Discontinued)
8 ratings
4 reviews
Visual SourceSafe is a discontinued source control software offering, from Microsoft.
IBM ClearQuest
11 ratings
3 reviews
IBM ClearQuest is an application development and production system, for change and defect tracking.
IBM Rational RequisitePro
7 ratings
2 reviews
IBM Rational RequitePro is an application requirement management offering.
IBM Rational ClearCase
25 ratings
2 reviews
IBM Rational ClearCase offers software configuration management and version control.
Micro Focus Business Manager
9 ratings
1 reviews
Multinational Serena Software, headquartered in San Mateo, California, offers the Serena Business Manager for software configuration management.
Micro Focus ChangeMan
ChangeMan from Serena Software is a software configuration management option.
CA Endevor Software Change Manager
CA Endevor Software Change Manager is a software configuration management option, from CA Technologies.
PACE Suite
PACE Suite is an application packaging and virtualization tool for: Creating MSI packages, patches, transforms, App-V and ThinApp packages, Universal Windows Platform app packages.Package authoring for managing custom actions, integrating scripts, managing permission settings for file system and reg…
Integration Platform
Containerized orchestration middleware for full-stack management of small-to-large-scale UltraESB-driven integration solution deployments! Leverage the awesome scalability of Kubernetes and other orchestration platforms to host sophisticated integrationsCut down traditional budgets on VM licensing, …
Plastic SCM
Plastic SCM is a full stack version control system that aims to make software configuration easy. It focuses on enabling dev teams get work done by facilitating branching, diffing and merging. The vendor says that for those purposes it provides cross-platform apps and GUIs with: Branch explorerDiff…
IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery
IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, available on IBM Cloud, allows users to provision an integrated toolchain using customizable, shareable templates with tools from IBM, third parties and open source. Automate builds and tests with Tekton-based delivery pipelines, and control quality with analytics.