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115 Ratings

ADP SmartCompliance

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115 Ratings
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Score 7.6 out of 101

Likelihood to Recommend

ADP SmartCompliance

I have only had great experiences with ADP as it relates to Tax Credit analysis and application. I have not had a scenario where I felt they proposed something inappropriate.
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Feature Rating Comparison

Payroll Management

ADP SmartCompliance
Pay calculation
ADP SmartCompliance
Support for external payroll vendors
ADP SmartCompliance
Benefit plan administration
ADP SmartCompliance
Direct deposit files
ADP SmartCompliance
Salary revision and increment management
ADP SmartCompliance
Reimbursement management
ADP SmartCompliance


ADP SmartCompliance

  • SmartCompliance provides me and my team a one stop shop for most all details around payroll taxes, employee garnishments and the WOTC tax credit. Each area is intuitive, provides the ability to run reports, and allows for interaction between my team and ADP through the website.
  • Customer support for the website is top notch. While I haven't had more than a couple of challenges, I've been able to reach out to ADP and get my issues addressed and fixed and I'm on my way. The website provides a ton of information, but if you need help, it's right there for you.
  • I like the ability to run my own reports and have them real time. I create what I want and then run the report. It doesn't take more than a few minutes and I've got what I need.
  • The ability to upload documents and files is amazing. No more faxing and waiting for a confirmation. The upload process fast and easy, and you are able to view your uploads within a couple of minutes to ensure what you sent is what ADP received.
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ADP SmartCompliance

  • In the area of quarterly filings, it takes a bit of experience to understand all the reports generated and in which order we should review or use the reports. Laying them out in a organized way that we could quickly go down the list of priority would be very helpful.
  • Occasionally, I need to add a comment to a tax notice that has been submitted and it seems to be locked for commenting. It would be helpful to be able to add information after a tax notice has been submitted.
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Likelihood to Renew

ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SmartCompliance 9.1
Based on 3 answers
Rated for the ease of using SmartCompliance and the communication received.
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ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SmartCompliance 8.1
Based on 3 answers
Its easy to use just need additional changes to make some functions easier to find on the interface
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ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SmartCompliance 7.6
Based on 3 answers
The account managers have too many clients to give great customer service all the time. I had to complain to get better customer service
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ADP SmartCompliance

ADP SmartCompliance 6.4
Based on 2 answers
almost everything went smoothly, but I needed to check everything, and make some corrections later
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Alternatives Considered

ADP SmartCompliance

ADP is a leader in the industry for a reason
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Return on Investment

ADP SmartCompliance

  • Reduced the amount of administrative work required
  • Minimized the risk of missed liability payments
  • Minimized incorrect filings
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ADP SmartCompliance


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