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Cherwell Service Management

Well suited if you have people dedicated to developing the views and back-end C# client, and if you work in a more silo type environment.
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Incident and problem management

Cherwell Service Management
Organize and prioritize service tickets
Cherwell Service Management
Expert directory
Cherwell Service Management
Service restoration
Cherwell Service Management
Self-service tools
Cherwell Service Management
Subscription-based notifications
Cherwell Service Management
ITSM collaboration and documentation
Cherwell Service Management
ITSM reports and dashboards
Cherwell Service Management

ITSM asset management

Cherwell Service Management
Configuration mangement
Cherwell Service Management
Asset management dashboard
Cherwell Service Management
Policy and contract enforcement
Cherwell Service Management

Change management

Cherwell Service Management
Change requests repository
Cherwell Service Management
Change calendar
Cherwell Service Management
Service-level management
Cherwell Service Management


  • After proper training on setting up the views and servers, Cherwell did a good job separating various department ownership of tickets. Our work views weren't cluttered with irrelevant information.
  • There is a lot of information that can be embedded into tickets. Such as sub-task assignments that could contain almost the same information as a ticket itself. Lot of customization options.
  • Custom personal dashboards were nice, once I figured out how to do it. Not everyone wants to see things the same way as other people, and being able to move touch points where you want is always a plus.
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  • While I understand that a lot of customization can be up to an organization, the platform was always a huge pain when going beyond the installed client. The web client and mobile app were very problematic and clunky, locked up frequently.
  • My university was 50% Windows/50% Apple, and there's no Apple client.
  • The built in remote control capabilities on tickets for client machines didn't play well with our active directory. We always just used a different program.
  • Error handling could have been much better. Accidentally assigning ticket items to "non-existent" resources could crash the client. Such as if the resource was removed before a worker's view was refreshed.
  • Tickets can go into limbo very easily, and seemed to require more development than it should to protect us from doing that. This is because there's a lot of different ways to do the same thing. Too many touch points all over the place in the UI.
  • Too many ticket priority options. Clients could be assigned personal higher priorities through VIP status, tickets could be given their own priorities that conflict with client status, and SLA deadlines could assign other conflicting priorities. There were more but these were the most problematic if you're using Cherwell in a situation where you have limited developer time to nail down all the inconsistencies every day.
  • There was an arbitrary time tracking feature on tickets that attempted to gather data on how long certain resources took, but because the UI was very cumbersome this was more of a pain to do and was very inaccurate of the actual work it takes to do certain things.
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Likelihood to Renew

Cherwell Service Management8.5
Based on 4 answers
We have found the product so easy to use and support, that it is an easy decision to renew.
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Alternatives Considered

CIT had used HEAT for 15 years, which was about 10 years more than we should have. Our HEAT implementation was extremely customized and though we used HEAT well and our processes were melded with HEAT, there were many areas for improvement. Tickets would get lost or a task would be lost or the ticket would go through many hands without proper documentation. It was just fairly clunky and not very scaleable.
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Return on Investment

  • Having a single SaaS instance of Cherwell has allowed our organization for the first time seamlessly transfer tickets across regions and allow for unprecedented communication between our groups. We look forward to opening the tool to all global IT teams and incorporating all major modules (Problem, Change, CI & Knowledge and more!) where we'll finally all be on the same tool and various IT data will finally all be in a relational database.
  • Ongoing costs can be lowered because we now have enough in-house expertise to manage most of our routine Cherwell modifications and management.
  • Once Cherwell is fully implemented at our organization, we'll be able to do with several separate systems and databases where all IT information is currently stored which will make things more simple and cost-effective to maintain.
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Cherwell Service Management

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