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12 Ratings
12 Ratings
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Score 9.1 out of 100

Likelihood to Recommend


The system itself has really bridged the gap within our organizations systems. I feel like we really max the platform out as far as what it is capable of doing. There really isn't much that we don't utilize therefore getting every bang for our buck so to speak
Mark Kantaras | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Scheduling - Employees can request off or put unavailable times in Jolt and when you make the schedule it is on the schedule in yellow so you can try to schedule around them.
  • List - You can set list to show up at certain time and days. You can have other list show up depending on the answers from another list. And you can have emails and text sent when the list is complete, or is not complete, or send depending on the results.
  • Customer Service - If you ever have any questions customer service is there not only to just answer your question but help you set up your account so it fits your needs best.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • More user-friendly tools during initial set up
  • Would like to see the ability to set recurrences for line items within a list rather than only one set for the entire list
  • Organize the toolbar more clearly. Target your audience to younger generations, less educated individuals.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating


Jolt 9.3
Based on 5 answers
Jolt support has answered every question I have had with great patience. I explored each feature with great detail to examine the possibilities of each and came up with many, many questions which they patiently and quickly answered. They want you to find their product useful and are willing to go the extra mile to get you there.
Matt West | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


Branch will let you do time off request and unavailability but you don't make the actual schedule in branch so you spend much of your time transferring the tie off request to your schedule and hoping you don't miss any. Also that is all it has the capability to do. No checklist or temperature monitoring service.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • Food safety processes have reduced significant amount of time managing.
  • Cleanliness- Saved some labor dollars here by implementing a more consistent process. Added some training videos on cleanliness to help give a clear message of the expectation.
  • Recipe Management- We have saved thousands on having the ability to upload live recipes and be global rather than having the paper copies of recipes laying around and possibly not being up to date.
Mark Kantaras | TrustRadius Reviewer


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