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GoSquared is based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2006 with a strong focus on ease of use and product design. It recently raised $1 million in funding. GoSquared has shifted focus to the ecommerce segment and has built an integration to Shopify. A large proportion of its customer base is on a free version of the product, but the company is now focused on acquiring paying customers. The company reports that more than 50 percent of its customer base is in the United States.

*Interview with James Gill, CEO
**GoSquared website + interview with James Gill
Company status Private
2013 revenue estimate N/A
Growth 2012-2013 N/A
Customers 50,000 (including free)*
Employees <10*< td="">
Pricing From $264 to $20,000 per year**

Aggregate User Ratings of GoSquared on TrustRadius

Source: (8) User reviews of GoSquared on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute GoSquared # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.8 8 8.2
Likelihood to renew 8.6 8 8.3
Product usability 7 1 7.8

Summary of GoSquared Reviews

Source: (8) User reviews of GoSquared on TrustRadius
GoSquared Strengths GoSquared Areas for Improvement
Real-time data
GoSquared provides real-time statistics and trends, which allows for immediate engagement and troubleshooting. Live data can be displayed on customizable dashboards.
Cost of e-commerce analytics
Although this is an excellent addition, it requires a plan upgrade to use, which is very expensive.
User-level data
GoSquared offers individual-level data on website visitors, including details like the browser they are using and where they came from.
Advanced features
The downside of the product's simplicity is the absence of advanced functionality like conversion funnels.
Daily email
Daily emails are very useful for seeing what was popular the previous day.
Developer documentation
One user felt that better development documentation and a sandbox to test API calls would be a good addition.

Interview with James Gill, CEO

Photo of James Gill, CEOPositioning
James Gill, CEO of GoSquared, says the company is obsessively focused on design and ease of use, so that everyone in a business can benefit from access to analytics. “Our approach is, how can we get more valuable information to more people at an organization?” he says. “We do it by providing a brilliant user interface that people want to use and offering the easiest out-of-the-box experience out there.”

Gill also says that GoSquared provides a more accurate picture of visitor activity than other tools, because it does not sample data and because it continuously checks whether a visitor is still engaged. “Most analytics tools track visitors when they first visit a page, and then estimate time on site with averages and imprecise methodology,” he says. “GoSquared pings continuously to check whether a visitor is still actively engaged with every pageview, meaning you have the most accurate metrics for engagement available.”

Competitive Differentiation
“A year or two ago, we were commonly compared with real-time focused services, because we offer a powerful, real-time dashboard that's great for customers who need an up-to-the-second accurate picture of what's going on on their website,” Gill says. Recently, however, GoSquared introduced e-commerce analytics. “None of our competitors focus on doing a great job for e-commerce businesses,” he says. “It's a great opportunity for us to make our mark and raise the bar in a relatively poorly served industry.” The company just launched an integration with Shopify, an e-commerce platform, to help serve the needs of e-commerce customers.

In terms of Google Analytics specifically, Gill says GoSquared is focused more on ease of use. “Every site has GA installed, but a lot of people have it installed but don't really use it and don't know how to use it,” he says. “While GoSquared may have a smaller marketshare, people who install it actually use it, and you don't need an instruction manual. GA is a great tool for deep diving on specific points, answering questions such as, ‘How did our SEO changes in January affect site conversion?’ GoSquared is better for seeing high-level metrics, keeping the whole team engaged, keeping everyone excited about the latest post or update.”

Real-time Analytics API
Through the GoSquared API, companies can customize the website experience to particular segments of customers, Gill says. This can mean product or content recommendations or things like triggering discounts under certain conditions.

Target Customers
Previously, the company has focused on medium-sized businesses, he says. However, in the last few months, they have seen a shift toward medium to large customers. The fastest-growing segment is e-commerce. Fifty percent of their customers are in the U.S., and the next biggest region is the UK. They also have a number of legacy customers using the free product.

Response to Feedback from GoSquared Reviews
“Despite comments on costs, GoSquared is by far the most affordable solution out there for e-commerce stores looking for state-of-the-art real-time analytics,” Gill says. “Especially when compared to enterprise level offerings, GoSquared is offering cutting edge technology in a sublime interface, with fanatical support, at a tiny fraction of the price of other services out there. Having such a technically superior infrastructure means we can move incredibly quickly, and often customers reporting a missing feature are wowed by our speed of response in product updates. Our roadmap is very fast-paced, and GoSquared is evolving at an unprecedented rate.”