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Condo Manager and PayHOA.

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Condo Control

Condo Control is a property management software designed for property manager and board members. The vendor states that when property managers & residents are more in sync, everybody wins. Their property management software is designed to connect property managers with what they…


Buildium is a cloud-based property management solution that enables managers of residential and association properties to take complete control of every aspect of their business, including the rent, vacancy and maintenance cycles. According to the vendor, Buildium streamlines management…

Raklet Community & Membership Management Software

Raklet enables communities to meet, network and grow. Community management platform that helps users build brand engagement and opportunities, fully branded to match company colors. Users can: - Organize and enrich member database with Raklet CRM - Build custom forms and pages…

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PayHOA is software for HOAs and association managers. The software provides free on-boarding, free unlimited U.S. based support and no

Condo Manager

Condo Manager provides technology to condominium and HOA associations and management companies. The company's software provides on-boarding and support for its customers.

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HOALIfe is an HOA CC&R inspection and enforcement software solution. Using the mobile app, users can inspect properties within an HOA using GPS navigation. Record violations with photographic evidence, track repeat violations, and generate ready-to-mail violation notices.

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HOA Ally
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Learn More About Homeowner's Association (HOA) Management Software

What is Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Management Software?

HOA management software is designed to help homeowners associations oversee and manage the activities and services provided by their organization. This type of software allows for HOA’s to cut down the time needed to manage their operations since the workflow is more streamlined and automated. It also provides an easy-to-use platform to maintain client relationships and requests since there are many forms of communication tools such as email and blogs.

HOA management software also benefits HOA members. HOA Management software allows members or tenants of the HOA community to submit payments through many different avenues such as credit cards, pre-authorized debit, direct withdrawal, electronic funds transfer or ACH payment.

HOA Management Software Features

HOA Management Software commonly includes the following features:

  • Membership Creation
  • State Regulation Management
  • Online Payment Platform
  • Tenant/Owner Communication
  • Event Planning
  • Recording Meeting Minutes
  • Managing Resident Databases
  • E-Voting

HOA Management Software Comparison

When shopping for HOA Management Software, businesses should consider the following aspects:

Online Payment Systems: How easily can HOA members make payments to your organization? HOA Management Software provides clients the ability to submit rental dues and membership fees through an online payment database, which saves HOA’s processing times.

Board Member Management: How easily can board members make recommendations and reports? This allows HOA’s to be more effective in serving their client’s needs and concerns since there all compiled in one place and can be acknowledged in a timely manner.

Flexibility: How easy is it for the HOA Management Software to be scaled up or down depending on the HOA’s needs? Depending on the time of year and how full the units that the HOA manages are, the ability to be able to take on larger workloads is important. But it’s also important to be able to scale down if it’s a slower season or more units are vacant.

Member Portal: How easily can members access all of the resources the HOA provides for them? An HOA is only effective if it’s easy to access by its members. An HOA should see what features are available on the member portal, as well as how accessible its interface is for clients.

E-Voting: Should the need arise for something to be held to a vote, how easily can members access voting capabilities through the HOA Management Software? Not everyone can meet in person at the time that voting is held. By having voting be online, HOA’s can make sure to represent their entire client base.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for HOA management software ranges from $49.00 a month to $280.00 a month, while some offer custom quotes based on buyers’ needs and size of operation. Most HOA Management Software services offer a free trial period, as well as a free version with limited features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HOA management software do?

HOA management software is an all-in-one software management tool for Homeowners Associates to manage all aspects of their operations from financing, client services, event planning, and more.

How much does HOA management software cost?

HOA management software offers subscriptions ranging from $49.00 per month to $280.00 per month, while some offer custom quotes based on buyers’ needs and size of operation. Most HOA management software services offer a free trial period, as well as a free version with limited features.

What are the benefits of using HOA management software?

HOA management software allows for Homeowners Associations to save time and money by bundling all aspects of their operations into one easy-to-use software. The software allows for them to reach every member of their organization and collect information in a timely and efficient manner.