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SOA Governance Software

SOA Governance Software Overview

What is SOA Governance Software?

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance is a subset of general IT governance. It is focused exclusively on managing processes in service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.

SOA Governance Software Features & Capabilities

  • Service registry

  • Service management

  • Service category

  • Dependency management

  • Policy management

SOA defines software functionality as a set of discrete services. A service is an implementation of a clearly defined function that operates independently of any other service.

Using services as building blocs is a way of building applications that are composed of multiple discrete software agents. These have very clearly-defined interfaces and can be loosely coupled to provide some more complex functionality. For example, when ordering something online, the entire transaction could comprise a series of different services such as a price-lookup service, an inventory availability service and so on.


Among the advantages of this approach to architecting software is platform independence, developer focus (developers can concentrate on their specific service without having to worry about dependencies), directory lookup of services and code reuse.


Governance in this context means ensuring that the portfolio of existing services and the planning of new services is managed coherently. This means ensuring that service updates do not affect current service consumers; using policies to ensure that services are delivered consistently; monitoring service performance, and managing service access. SOA governance software provides this and similar functionality.

Pricing Information

There are some open-source SOA governance tools which can be a good option for those not willing to spend upwards of $800/month for proprietary enterprise software.

SOA Governance Products

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HP SOA Systinet was an SOA governance offering, from Hewlett-Packard, acquired and then supported by Micro Focus. While still available from the Micro Focus marketplace, Systinet is not currently receiving updates.

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Innovator is a versatile modeling, SOA governance, and business process management platform from German company MID.

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The Akana Platform is a comprehensive suite of software for SOA governance. Akana was formerly SOA Software but was rebranded Akana in March 2015 and then acquired by Rogue Wave in 2016.