Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions

Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions Overview

What are Modular SAN Solutions?

A Modular Storage Area Network (or Modular SAN) infrastructure emphasizes a scalable, flexible architecture that can be set up with relative ease and simplicity, and at affordable pricing, without making overly great sacrifices in performance.

Modular Storage Area Network (SAN) Products

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Nexsan SASBeast

Nexsan SASBeast is a storage system.

NEC D3 Series

NEC D3 Series is a line of storage system.

HPE EVA P6000 (Discontinued)

HPE EVA P6000 is end of life (EOL).

Nexsan SATABeast Xi

Nexsan SATABeast Xi is a storage system.

Oracle Sun Storage 6000 Arrays

Oracle's Sun Storage 6000 array series is a line of storage systems.

IBM Storwize B5100F

IBM Storwize 5100F is a storage appliance with multiple all-flash and hybrid-flash options.