MicroStrategy Analytics is a platform for Business Intelligence (BI) and self-service analytics. It enables organizations worldwide to analyze the vast amounts of data stored across their enterprises to make better business decisions. MicroStrategy currently has 3 versions: - MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise: Enterprise-grade business intelligence - MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop: Free self-service visual analytics - MicroStrategy Analytics Express: Free cloud-based self-service visual analytics and reliable toolMicrostrategy Analytics is widely used in the company across all departments. Different level of access can be provided to different level of responsible persons. It is a very easy tool to get access of past data with different reports and presenting it with the help of variety of dashboard and VIs. Data collection and analysis is an essential function of it.,Data collection/data access- The tool uses different attributes and metrics to generate data for you in a required format with required filters. Data Visualization- The tool has great function of creating Dashboards which are specially useful for higher management to review it. Data Analytics- With great amount of functions, it does most of the excel work within itself. Eliminates excel in most of the fronts.,Better user interface- The only thing that comes out is there is a high scope of modifying user interface. Currently it is not as good as Tableau in terms of user interface.,8,salesforce and Tableau,8,9,Salesforce Analytics Cloud, WebEx Meetings, SAS Advanced AnalyticsMicroStrategy ReviewIt is being used across our health center in every department, from admin to ops to clinics. We are trying to use it with our scheduling program's data feed to solve TAT issues, staffing issues, and tracking issues. We've implemented several new policies around appointment cancellations due to findings in Microstrategy data. We also take in a feed from our EMR system for patient data research.,I think the dashboards are quite helpful to visualize on the spot data. Creation of facts and attributes is simple - I have no programming experience and was still able to create and modify these items. Scheduling reports to be run on a daily, weekly, or hourly basis is simple. It provides updated data on a timed basis with no need to go back into the program.,The graph options are not as robust as an Excel user might want. The metadata layer can sometimes be slower, and it takes a long time for reports to run. Viewing the data feed entered can be cumbersome at times, in terms of validation with reports.,8,Tableau Online,5,6,Tableau OnlineIntegrated and efficient analytics solutionMicrostrategy is extensively used within my organization and other retail and finance clients I have worked with. MSTR is an efficient tool with numerous analytical, reporting and visualization features all clubbed in one - helps deliver grid reports, dashboards and mobile reports. We have used this for dynamic sourced reports and self analytics as well widely.,Integrated solution for delivering different types of reports through multiple mediums like web, mobile or distribution services. Unique Schema and public objects concept saves development costs by allowing reusable components and maintenance across. Having end to end MSTR implemented eliminates the need to look at different tools for in memory and visualization.,Version control and parallel development limitation- I understand it somehow conflicts the architecture specialities but point to be thought over. Visual Insights capabilities to compete with Tableau like reports. MSTR services and technical support teams response time - not always a concern but can definitely be improved.,8,Good returns considering integrated objects and reports for multiple mediums Not sure but cost of development seemed a little higher which is also an outcome of lack of good development vendors or resources. Not a concern over MSTR as a tool. Deployment to mobile or distribute sharing is an advantage as object oriented architecture reduces rework and maintenance steps.,OBIE, Tableau Desktop and IBM Cognos,Oracle BI Foundation SuiteMicroStrategy - Why, When & Where ??Microstrategy is used as a reporting solution in my work environment. Microstrategy is used to interact on Hadoop, Microsoft SQL Server Tables, and SSAS MDX Cubes. Microstrategy's Visual Insight is used as a self service tool replacing Pivot tables & graph building in Excel.,Visual Insight is a very good tool for data discovery and for create quick dashboard presentation. This is is basically a online web based portal where you have capability to quickly slice & dice the data . Also it provides you options to create derived metrics & derived attribute (MSTR 10) with various mathematical or statistical functions. One of the major mention would be the map based data visualization where you can plot data based on Latitude & Longitude.Also with MSTR 10 following limitations were removed i) using hyperlink ii) HTML 5 is implemented instead of Flash ,so easy to be rendered in mobile too iii) Adding images is possible for hardcoding company logo & symbols Drilling Capabilities. This requires some good backend data modeling. Once you bring in all the facts and dimensions you are supposed to establish relationship between them & create hierarchies. Then it would be easy to drill more & more. For example - Device hierarchy - (Device Used by User--> Browser-->Operating System) Data Source Connectivity. Enterprise Manager is basically BI to BI environment which is used by administrators or executives to track reporting usage, report performance,developer efficiency or frequency of usage & thousands of other statistics which proves to be very helpful in monitoring the efficiency of the whole environment. Once you set up Enterprise miner( which is a bit tricky) you will be able to access all the in built documents or you can custom built dashboard based on your usage,Visual Insight have multiple limitations. Few of them are listed here - i)Cannot change default graph colors ii) text/graph formatting are very very limited iii)Add metric to Color by / Thresholds is not possible iv)one of the worst limitation of the VI in older versions is that it is not possible to create filters that apply only to a specific visualization. For example if there are 4 graphs in one dashboard & if you have filters then those filters would be applicable for all of them Some formatting options are not there either on Web or Developer especially while dealing with a document. We have to use both Web & Developer to solve issues. While connecting with MDX cube reporting loses a lot of features.,8,Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI,9,8MSTR good for a structured environmentMSTR is being used by approximately three departments w/in Casey's. We plan on having MSTR be an enterprise-wide solution,MSTR Analytics does visualization very well. Ad-Hoc analysis,As w/ any tool - the data underneath MSTR has to governed and structured correctly to use in a self service environment MSTR almost demands that you have an MSTR Administrator on staff to keep the semantic layer fresh,5,n/a,Tableau Desktop, Microsoft BI, Microsoft Power BISimplifying reporting needsMicrostrategy is currently being used by several different departments within the organization. It makes our reporting easier, where it provides the flexibility to automate much of it, as well as provide an easy to use interface for non sql savvy employees. It solves many of our reporting needs,Central location for reporting, makes it easier for several different departments to access different information Automated reporting - allows us to schedule customized reports Well formatted reports that are easy to run,My organization is on an older version of the tool with a lot less bells and whistles If an employee is familiar with SQL enough, they can avoid using microstrategy No other major cons,9,aqt,Dayforce HCM,10,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,10,No,The best type of support, is solving a problem proactively, before it ever becomes a problem. With my experience in Mircrostrategy, we do not typically have any issues, and when we do, they are resolved extremely quickly.Comprehensive enterprise BI ToolMicroStrategy Analytics is used by our organization to create highly interactive dashboards and reports with cutting edge visualizations. Currently, the front end and dashboards are being developed by only a single department but reports and dashboards are consumed across the organization and even clients. The main advantage of MicroStrategy Analytics is that it can be accessed online through a web browser which eliminates the need to carry heavy Excel files. Also, the reports and dashboards are updated in real time which was not possible with Excel based dashboards.,It helps create dashboards that are personalized to a particular type of user. The access to the specific sections of dashboards and reports can be controlled and only the intended audience can access that information. This helps with distributing the same dashboard to different departments and even competitors. The reports are completely responsive to different devices and can be accessed via any device of any resolution. Also, MicroStrategy offers a vast range of power visualizations like heat maps and can also connect with third party applications like Google Maps for additional functionality. Also, this functionality is present even on mobile devices. With its Online Analytical Processing capabilities, users can modify the reports by slicing and manipulating the data as per their needs without executing the SQL query in the backend. This helps in saving a lot of development time as individual users can modify the report online by using filters and slicers without requiring the coding know how.,ESRI ArcGIS maps can only be integrated and accessed with internet connectivity which becomes a limitation when using only with LAN connectivity. The community/forum is not very active with a limited number of users and low quality content. Some functionalities are missing from the web version and are only present in the desktop version. Also, dashboards over the web still lack integration with HTML5.,7,IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau Desktop,Tableau Desktop, Evernote,,8,8Enterprise BI Solution - Not an Analytics solutionMicrostrategy is used in one of our banking clients. It's used by different areas, some use it for alerts. Others use it as a dashboard solution or for ad-hoc reporting.,The governance and security layer, with the metadata layer. Easy ad-hoc reporting creations. Strong dashboard options.,Merging data from different sources has been improved a lot but it's not easy to create a query manually. Training metrics - it's not easy to use for users. But the new method of R integration could change that.,8,Tableau Desktop, QlikView and Microsoft Power BI,Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI,7,8MicroStrategy is a great product for medium to large size companies.MicroStrategy Analytics is currently being used by Accounting, Finance, and Audit. It is being used to pull policy level detail reports, month end summary reporting for making entries to the general ledger, and MTD as well as YTD/ITD reporting with various views to support month end variance analysis. It is also used to perform SOX audit testing on an annual basis.,Automated reporting Interactive dashboards Large amounts of data,Formatting of reports Moving data around on a report at the user level Creating applications,9,Tableau Desktop,Spreadsheet Server, Microsoft Access,8,9A full single sourced, enterprise BI SolutionMicroStrategy Analytics is being used as a full BI enterprise solution. We use MicroStrategy's full set of products, sourcing from an array of database technologies, but mostly from Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. MicroStrategy Analytics solves the business problem of company wide data silos. In conjunction with an enterprise data warehouse, we can create a single source solution.,MicroStrategy Analytics has the best mobile BI on the market right now. The level of efforts (LOE) is very low for this type of development. MicroStrategy Analytics's self-serve BI is very valuable to our business users and can cut development for BI developers by enabling business users to find business answers themselves. The caching of Intelligence Cubes in MicroStrategy Analytics is a game changer. I have I-cubes with billions of rows stored in memory, ready at any moment.,The developer desktop product could use some UI enhancements. It's been the same for many years. The world would be a better place if custom groups and consolidation were supported in Visual Insight and I-Cubes. A more simplify licensing model. It's expensive.,9,,Tableau Desktop, Microsoft BI, IBM Cognos,9,9
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MicroStrategy Analytics
215 Ratings
Score 7.7 out of 101
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MicroStrategy Analytics Reviews

MicroStrategy Analytics
215 Ratings
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Score 7.7 out of 101
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Pixel Perfect reports (17)
Customizable dashboards (17)
Report Formatting Templates (18)
Drill-down analysis (17)
Formatting capabilities (18)
Integration with R or other statistical packages (11)
Report sharing and collaboration (17)
Publish to Web (16)
Publish to PDF (17)
Report Versioning (14)
Report Delivery Scheduling (17)
Delivery to Remote Servers (1)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (15)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (14)
Predictive Analytics (13)
Multi-User Support (named login) (13)
Role-Based Security Model (14)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (14)
Single Sign-On (SSO) (3)
Responsive Design for Web Access (14)
Dedicated iOS Application (11)
Dedicated Android Application (9)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (14)
Javascript API (2)
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About MicroStrategy Analytics

The MicroStrategy platform differs somewhat from competing platforms in that it does not include a data warehouse.

The platform integrates with a wide range of third-party data warehouses however. MicroStrategy also built a free discovery/visualization tool called MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, which is not completely integrated with the rest of the platform. MicroStrategy has strong mobile and cloud capabilities which are differentiators for the platform. MicroStrategy's cloud offerings are unique in that they host the software in their own data centers and allow customers to keep their data on-premise to alleviate security concerns. Analytics is a platform for Business Intelligence (BI) and self-service analytics. It enables organizations worldwide to analyze the vast amounts of data stored across their enterprises to make better business decisions.

MicroStrategy currently has 3 versions:

  • MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise: Enterprise-grade business intelligence
  • MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop: Free self-service visual analytics
  • MicroStrategy Analytics Express: Free cloud-based self-service visual analytics

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
On-premise EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Desktop$600per named user
SaaS EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Web$600per named user
Web$300,000per CPU core
Mobile$600per named user
Mobile$300,000per CPU core

MicroStrategy Analytics Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application:No