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Michael Weissberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 27, 2020

You down with OCC? It's pretty good for me.

Score 7 out of 10
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We use Oracle Commerce Cloud for the e-commerce portion of our website. We're currently split between using OCC for the e-commerce portion and SiteCore for the Marketing and product information focus. It's far more robust and user-friendly than our previous e-commerce solution, with the ability to easily address our mobile optimization issues we've been experiencing, as well as easily running A/B tests to optimize conversion rates.

The backend is also far, far more easily utilized than our previous home grown solution, which required a significant amount of IT and programming help to add or modify any products. With Oracle Commerce Cloud, marketing can easily add, adjust, and categorize products without IT involvement.
  • OCC is mobile friendly and you can create different views easily
  • IT does not need to be involved in adding and modifying products - the backend user interface is easy for marketing to work within
  • A/B testing is extremely easy, requires absolutely no programming, and allows marketing to continuously optimize the website - live - and automatically implement the best working results
  • Initial implementation for us has been particularly expensive, and requires the use of multiple partners. Onboarding and initial build out can be difficult, with some potential far-reaching errors.
  • We've discovered from others in our use case, that if an error is made in initial product definition and hierarchy setup, they live in the instance permanently.
  • Specifically, within search, it will only search 'products,' so things like warranties, articles, or other content wouldn't show up unless literally everything is an independent product.
Oracle Commerce Cloud seems to have a lot of ties to other systems (of course, other Oracle systems, but also others) which can ultimately provide a lot of additional benefits by having multiple systems talk to each other. For example, marketing automation can interact with OCC and an ERP system.

The user friendliness is certainly the most beneficial - we've previously had to rely on an overwhelmed IT and programming staff, whereas now marketing can deal with far more backend items. A/B testing items on a live page and automatically implementing the "winning" variable is hugely beneficial - especially since marketing can endlessly try new things easily.

However, the initial implementation and build out still seems difficult and fraught with the possibility of difficult to fix errors. Documentation appears to be sparse, or at least spread across a wide variety of areas. A step-by-step onboarding process would help.
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Felicia DiSano | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 16, 2019

OCC Review

Score 7 out of 10
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I am the main user with Oracle Commerce Cloud. We have a few people on our Marketing team who use it as well to post and update different weekly flyer deals. We also have a contracting company who we work with for maintenance on our different jobs that we have synced up with OCC. OCC has changed our company strategy completely.
  • Saving code within different widgets to reuse on different pages
  • Webhook connectioms
  • Ease of uploading widgets
  • Documentation on commerce cloud
  • Better support on Severity 1 tickets. There have been times I do not see a resolution for a month
  • More detailed information on errors from different job failures
Definitely well suited for any successful retail company that wants to improve their success even more. Not well suited for smaller companies that may not be expanding in the coming years
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 06, 2019

An eCommerce Solution That Won't Disappoint

Score 8 out of 10
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Oracle Commerce Cloud is being used by our front-end development and marketing teams to create and maintain our B2B e-commerce sites. They are using Oracle Commerce Cloud to fulfill a variety of e-commerce business models as well as maximize the total amount of revenue that can be gained from online sources.
  • Ability to create and manage content for non-developers - Although we have a core development team, we use this feature to off-load some of the site management responsibilities from our developers.
  • Responsive site creation - Sites that are created through Oracle Commerce Cloud are responsive, therefore being able to be viewed properly across all screen sizes.
  • Exceptional customer service - Customer Service hours are convenient and are accessible by phone or email. Getting a representative for support is a fairly quick process using either of these methods.
  • Absence of an IDE - Changes that our developers make on their local IDEs have to be uploaded back to the Cloud, and vice-versa. It would be nice to make these edits/changes in real-time.
  • Pricing models need improvements - Pricing models are pretty harsh and probably out of the scope for medium-sized companies and smaller.
  • Slow transaction processing - Not something that happens very often, but there will be times where it takes over 10 seconds for a given transaction to be processed.
Oracle Commerce Cloud is probably only well-suited for large companies due to its harsh pricing models. For smaller companies, I would recommend services that are similar to Shopify. If your organization has a core development team that will have enough time and resources to manage an e-commerce site on their own, Oracle Commerce Cloud may not be the best experience for them.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 27, 2019

Oracle Commerce Cloud for B2B

Score 5 out of 10
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OCC is used as an online store for our customer base. It gives customers an option to look up pricing, place orders and pay invoices. It helps free our customer service team to provide higher value service than order taking by offering a self-help option to our customers.
  • B2B configuration options cover all the basic use cases.
  • The product management tool is good compared to others I’ve used.
  • 4 updates annually mean that new features are available to provide more value from the tool.
  • Nascent tool means limited robustness.
  • Logging to capture errors is not built into the level that is meaningful to end-user making troubleshooting difficult.
  • Lack of resources and community to learn how to use the tools (due to the relatively new product).
Suited for B2B.
Not suited for users without a developer (or 3) on staff.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 26, 2019

Does exactly what it's supposed to

Score 7 out of 10
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Oracle Commerce Cloud is being used for guided selling, helping users choose a specific product from a wide variety of options. From there, OCC hands off to CPQ for configuration, and CPQ sends the final product back to the OCC cart and the user finishes the purchase process. Essentially, OCC replaces a traditional catalog in our B2B organization.
  • Commerce - Hands down this product delivers on its name. It handles the commerce process flawlessly.
  • Guided selling/faceting/search - The search product is phenomenal. The ability to make any product information detail searchable is powerful.
  • Catalog organization - Easy to organize products into sensical categories and apply multiple categories to the same product.
  • The support process is poor. Many tickets take weeks to resolve and even then the support specialist isn't very knowledgable about the product.
  • Documentation is vast but it's difficult to search through and often isn't specific.
  • The API is more useful than the AdminUI.
Oracle Commerce Cloud is perfect for scenarios where you have a simple product and want to run a simple store, ie clothing. Its lack of content management is a detriment to anyone hoping to also educate customers on products.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 16, 2019

The Online World of Oracle Commerce Cloud

Score 10 out of 10
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Our company decided to use Oracle Commerce Cloud because we looking for a complete cloud solution that would help us differentiate ourselves in the market. Last year we lost 10% of our market share. The other players had a stronger e-commerce operation, like Magazine Luiza for example. After this discovery, we quickly decided to enter the e-commerce online world.
  • 100% cloud solution
  • Easy to customize
  • Fast implementation
The best thing is the commercial model. If your company performs fine, you don't overpay for it. If your conversions are increasing, you don't overpay for it. If you create other businesses, like a marketplace, you don't overpay for it. There are a lot of possibilities to increase your business and still pay the same for Oracle Commerce Cloud.
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Russell Glitman | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 25, 2019

Can OCC make your website better? Yes, and here's how.

Score 10 out of 10
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Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is used by the Digital Department to merchandise our assortment online. It provides the platform and online content management and promotion for our company. The responsive design speeds development of our mobile site, which contributes a growing amount of traffic. The platform scales well and easily manages the increase in page views and orders we see in the fourth quarter.
  • Rapidly update product assortment and merchandising presentation.
  • Responsive design reduces development time for desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the web site.
  • Server infrastructure and CDN provide a reliable and extensible platform manages traffic bursts created by email, catalog mailings and fourth quarter seasonal surge.
  • Integration with other Oracle web products, particularly Responsys. The more we can leverage our red apps together the better.
  • Development of new services, such as Experiments and AI Apps, requires extensive trouble shooting by the customer. We can spend months working with Oracle to get these services to work correctly. On the plus side, Oracle is clearly committed to solving the issues we find and works aggressively to resolve problems.
  • Upgrades to the application always seem to require a patch or two. This frequently extends the upgrade schedule, effecting our implementation plans and our own site enhancement schedule.
With development of Audiences, OCC is particularly well suited for providing UTM and geographic based personalization. We are a relatively small company with just one designer, one front end developer and four merchandisers so there are limits to how granular we can get in using the tools. There are also extensive B2B services available that we do not use at all. For smaller companies, OCC, may be more horsepower than they need.
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Heiko Mock | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 23, 2018

Oracle Commerce Cloud one of the best solutions for international brands

Score 10 out of 10
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We are implementing Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) for our customers. Our customers have a B2C as well as a B2B background. OCC can be used to build online shops including payment gateways, inventory management, and fulfillment. It can also be integrated with many existing backend systems, such as ERP, CRM etc. OCC is part of the Oracle CX Suite, so it has connectors to Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud to just name two, which helps to build a rich customer experience.
  • OCC has internationalization capabilities and makes it easy to build multinational and multilingual online shops.
  • A business user can easily extend the catalog structure by adding new product attributes. They can also change the look and feel/design of the page without development.
  • It is easy to add new functionalities by creating some widgets which can be uploaded to the target environment. So it is very easy to extend the payment gateway and add new payment providers.
  • Release cycles are much shorter and less CRs are needed.
  • There is no integrated IDE. Development takes place outside of the Cloud and needs to be uploaded after every change.
  • No versioning of the code within the cloud. It needs to be done in external systems.
  • The code can be changed in the cloud, but then needs to be backported into the IDE and the version control system.
At the moment I don't know of any scenario where it is not well suited. Maybe because of missing functionalities which will come in a different release. I would recommend postponing using Commerce Cloud. But as development usually takes place in Sprints, at least in our projects, I can recommend to start implementing the basic and start with the missing functionalities as soon as they are included in the new Cloud version. But this needs to be aligned with Oracle. So an assessment needs to be done upfront.
In any case, I can always recommend going with OCC, keeping in mind the other integrated products offered by Oracle.
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Ashwini Chandorkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2017

Oracle Commerce Cloud : Strong Integration

Score 8 out of 10
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Oracle Commerce Cloud can be used by the employees. They can handle their own payroll deductions and manage their own training. It is a very interactive system. Oracle Commerce Cloud has the ability to integrate across multiple platforms such as phone, desktop, and laptop.
  • Its base features are very good, it is easy to use.
  • Built-in customer personalization.
  • It is easy to integrate with other Oracle families.
  • Expensive in terms of pricing and maintenance.
  • User interface is little bit slow in performance.
  • We are facing some difficulties in functionality set up and templates.
Reduction in the maintenance costs because of a single codebase.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Product catalog & listings (9)
Product management (9)
Bulk product upload (8)
Branding (8)
Mobile storefront (9)
Product variations (9)
Website integration (9)
Visual customization (9)
CMS (8)
Abandoned cart recovery (7)
Checkout user experience (9)
eCommerce security (8)
Promotions & discounts (8)
Personalized recommendations (9)
SEO (9)
Multi-site management (6)
Order processing (7)
Inventory management (7)
Shipping (6)
Custom functionality (7)

About Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud offers a responsive commerce experience for both B2C and B2B. Capabilities include AI-driven personalization, pixel-perfect drag-and-drop experience management, and multi-variant testing, all with the aim of helping businesses deliver "amazing omnichannel experiences." The cloud-based product is secure, flexible and scalable and aims to offer everything needed to grow an online business.
Categories:  Digital Experience,  eCommerce

Oracle Commerce Cloud Features

Online Storefront Features
Has featureProduct catalog & listings
Has featureProduct management
Has featureBulk product upload
Has featureBranding
Has featureSearch & filter
Has featureMobile storefront
Has featureProduct variations
Has featureSubscriptions & downloads
Has featureWebsite integration
Has featureVisual customization
Has featureCMS
Has featureCustomer service tools
Online Shopping Cart Features
Has featureAbandoned cart recovery
Has featureTax calculator
Has featureShipping calculator
Does not have featureIntegration with Amazon
Does not have featureIntegration with eBay
Has featureCheckout user experience
Online Payment System Features
Has featurePayPal integration
Has featureReturns & refunds
Does not have featureSingle-click checkout
Has featureeCommerce security
Does not have featureCredit card transaction fee
Has featureB2B features
eCommerce Marketing Features
Has featurePromotions & discounts
Has featurePersonalized recommendations
Has featureSEO
Has featureProduct reviews
Has featureSocial commerce integration
Has featureCustomer registration
eCommerce Business Management Features
Has featureMulti-site management
Has featureOrder processing
Has featureInventory management
Does not have featureAccounting
Has featureShipping
Has featureCustom functionality

Oracle Commerce Cloud Integrations

Avalara, Vertex Cloud, Oracle Responsys, PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice Platform, Jagged Peak EDGE, CyberSource, PayPal Payments, Oracle Integration (OIC), Oracle CPQ Cloud (BigMachines), Oracle Retail Order Management, Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX

Oracle Commerce Cloud Competitors

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris), Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento)


  • Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

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