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Smartsheet has 4 pricing edition(s), from $14 to $25. A free trial of Smartsheet is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



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Smartsheet Pricing 2022

The right workflow can be a game changer for any team. Tools that manage time, empower team members, and structure projects at scale are essential to meet deadlines smoothly. Smartsheet can easily meet any of these project management needs. With a wide range of diverse and powerful features, it can help you streamline your workflows to save time and bring out the best in your team.

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a collaborative, flexible workflow system and project manager. Teams using the software can scale projects according to your needs without affecting performance or productivity. Although they are well known as spreadsheet software, Smartsheet includes project management tools as well.

The range of tools in this product can help teams meet their business goals. You can create and manage shared documents, image files, timelines, calendars, and project boards. The platform’s many powerful automation tools can really lighten the workload as well. The automations will take care of everyday tasks in the background so you can focus on more demanding tasks.

To get a full scope of what Smartsheet can do for you, watch this video.

Welcome to Smartsheet

A major benefit of Smartsheet is its role as a collaborative tool. Team members can work together on spreadsheets, documents, and projects from one platform. Multiple viewers or commenters can work on a file or task at once. Notifications, files, dashboards, and automated tools are also instantly shareable with all team members.

There is a resource management feature with optimization tools to help you make the most of your team’s time and talent. You can forecast your budget, see team members’ portfolios, and performance reports. With the resource manager, you can evaluate your team’s overall productivity. From there you will be first to know if a project needs more hands on deck or if it’s struggling to meet business goals.

The dashboards are a great example of the product’s versatility. Each user can have multiple customizable dashboards for their role, project, or team. Dashboards can be rearranged or personalized with widgets, integrations, and more. A dashboard can also have real-time data analysis tools so users are up to date on trends, key tasks, and live project performance.

The software’s timeline and calendar management systems let users have even more project control and insight. Users can set goals, track KPIs, automate approvals or updates, and set reminders for important times or events. They also allow you to export calendar and timeline data to Google Calendar or iCal.

Smartsheet has a helpful video to show how these tools can bring your team together

Team Productivity Hub

With publishing and smart editing tools, users can share and present their content with everyone. You can create unique URLs with custom reports or timetables. Viewing templates such as Gantt or Kanban can then be applied to the shared reports. You can use iframes to share published materials on websites. Shared items update in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about outdated information.

The robust and flexible automation tools keep almost any timeline running smoothly. These tools can be customized for tasks across an entire project lifespan. Onboarding, asset sharing, notification, and more can all be handled automatically. Automations can even be used across your integrations to easily fit third parties into your workflow.

Your team can develop personalized automation in a no-code visual editor, which means programming experience isn’t required. Automated workflows can even be tested before they go live so you can avoid mistakes. On top of that, any automation can be reused and redeployed.

Teams will also be able to automate alerts, notifications, and reminders. The priority levels can also be automated to adjust based on project progress. You can set up an alert to be automatically marked as “Urgent” if an incomplete task could affect other deadlines. Reminders will then have new or updated information so your team can stay in the know.

Spreadsheet, document, and asset automation is also possible. Content in spreadsheet cells can be programmed to clear, update, or merge for certain conditions. You can also automate importing, publishing, and templating for just about any document or asset. You can also automate version history controls to handle digital archiving and publish up-to-date information.

Workflow automation tools can manage approvals, requests, and role assignments. You can use automations to restrict new team members to roles that only display their required onboarding tasks. Once these tasks are finished, their roles will automatically change. Request workflows can also be automated to approve, update, or deny. These automations can be based on inventories, scheduling, and more.

Smartsheet also includes integrations with cloud productivity suites and collaborative platforms. There are native integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox, and more. You can also develop custom APIs for just about any third-party tool you have. These integrations let you import files, analyze data, or manage requests from those third parties from the dashboard or through automation.

The mobile app is as versatile as the desktop product. Most basic functions can be used from the app, but there are some unique features as well. You will be able to scan barcodes and add images directly from your device’s camera. The mobile app has an offline access mode so you can reach your saved assets at any time.

How Much Does Smartsheet Cost?

All price plans have the Smartsheet mobile app, unlimited sheets and dashboards, and customized viewing templates. Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Dropbox integrations are part of every plan.

For more information about their pricing, see their pricing page here. The pricing page has a helpful calculator that changes the cost according to currency and team size.





$9/user/month or $84/user/year

  • Maximum of 10 users

  • Up to 10 editors

  • 20 GB attachment storage

  • 250 automations per month


$32/user/month or $300/user/year

  • Minimum of 3 users

  • Unlimited editors

  • Unlimited automations

  • 1 TB attachment storage

  • License management

  • Sheets, reports, and dashboard publishing

  • Activity log

  • Document builder

  • Additional integrations

  • Smartsheet University access


Contact Smartsheet

  • Single sign-on

  • Access to Smartsheet Advance

  • Unlimited attachment storage

  • WorkApps and Insights access

  • DocuSign integrations

  • Custom email domains

  • Chargeback reports

The Pro plan is Smartsheet’s introductory plan that is great for smaller teams. It has all of the basic tools, including unlimited sheets, dashboards, reports, and forms. This plan has limits on some features. You can only have 10 editors, 10 widgets per dashboard, and 1 sheet per report. The plan lacks advanced group management tasks and has no security controls.

The Business plan has the majority of the platform’s features and is best for medium-sized teams with a few projects. This plan offers unlimited editors, automations, widgets per dashboard, and sheets per report. Document building and reporting features are also introduced at this tier. The Business plan gives users native third-party integrations with Tableau, Brandfolder, and Adobe Creative Cloud. It has access to Smartsheet University, which provides eLearning training modules and onboarding materials.

With the Enterprise plan, all features are available. At this tier, users have access to Smartsheet Advance packages, which are features to help their projects at scale. These include dynamic portfolio management, multi-system Smartsheet integration, and advanced security and governance. They also have curated professional service bundles. Smartsheet Advance must be added to your plan and it may have additional fees.

Smartsheet offers discounts on annual plans for nonprofit organizations. The sales team asks that you contact them for more information.

What is an Alternative to Smartsheet? is a popular Smartsheet competitor. shares many features with Smartsheet, such as automations and customizable dashboards. The major differences come down to the pricing plans and functionality at each tier.

Unlike Smartsheet, offers a free plan. This plan has a limit of 3 dashboards, but it does include unlimited documents and access to the app. The free plan is great for single users or small businesses.

Outside of the free plan, has 4 pricing tiers, compared to Smartsheet’s 3 plans. While features several tiers that are less expensive, their plans are more difficult to navigate if you want specific features.’s more powerful project visibility and planning tools are locked behind their Enterprise plan, and their automation capabilities are spread across multiple plans.

Smartsheet’s pricing tiers are much simpler to navigate and their features divided up more cleanly across each plan. The plans are more expensive than, but their integration, automation, and file storage features are available at the lowest tier. Smartsheet’s plans also have more integration and automation features at each level.

A final pricing distinction to make between the two is the discounts they offer. Both and Smartsheet offer discounts for nonprofits. also offers a discount on annual plans for educational organizations and student groups. This means that may be more accessible than Smartsheet, which was made with enterprise-level IT teams in mind.

For more information about’s pricing plans and what they can offer you, click here.

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