Adobe Photoshop for Photos is GREAT!
Updated October 18, 2019

Adobe Photoshop for Photos is GREAT!

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used throughout our department here at work. It is being used to edit photos, mostly, to then be used for traditional or electronic-based marketing channels. We can easily adjust any photos that we take of our products to be used on any marketing collateral or web-based model.
  • Edit Photos. Exactly what it's meant for. Easy to edit photos to be used in other projects.
  • Take out backgrounds. Saves company time and money. We no longer pay for someone else to take out the background out of product photos. We do that all here in-house.
  • Color adjust. Any time we need the color to be adjusted in a photo, we can easily do that with Photoshop.
  • I would like to see Photoshop upgrade their program so that I can adjust the size of a photo by #, rather than dragging and estimating, then having to do it again after I didn't get the right size the first time.
  • Online tutorials are great and a lifesaver for me. When I need to figure out how to do something, I go to the search for info on how to do it. Wish there was more!
  • This has paid for itself ten-fold. We no longer outsource to take backgrounds out of product photos for collateral.
  • This has saved us time on projects as we no longer have to outsource and wait on others to then finish our projects internally.
  • Sometimes, we are not as highly trained, and you do need a professional for some projects. I wish the program was a little more user-friendly (dummy proof!).
All of the Adobe products can be used seamlessly together! There really is no other photo editing program out there quite like Photoshop. Because it is so widely used, you can seamlessly work with outsourced projects if you need to. Also, the files are easily accepted by print houses, advertising agencies, etc.
I can't say I have ever called Adobe support so not sure I can give a rating here. The online has a pretty good Q&A, but I mostly Google search and get recommendations from others who have used the product, not necessarily from Adobe. I feel support could be better.

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Photoshop is perfect for the person who needs to edit photos. This program is not meant to design, that's what you use InDesign or Illustrator for. So if you need to edit photos, anything can really be done with this program. They have really updated this program throughout the years to be able to do a LOT!

Using Adobe Photoshop

5 - All 5 members work within the Marketing Department. We all have different roles, but all use Photoshop in the same way. We use it to edit photos for multiple projects including print, ads, banners, newsletters, on and on. We all do marketing for the entire company, so photoshop is an essential program we need.
5 - somw are self taught, and some took a class. I personally took a course which did help get me started. After that, continued use helps establish knowledge and know how of how to use it. Also, the online tutorials help to know how to do some things that you don’t know how to, but would like to do for a project
  • Online ads
  • Newsletters
  • Edit product pictures to use in marketing collateral
  • We’ve been able to blend two photos together to show something we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.
  • We can change the color of something in a photo to be in line with the brand.
  • We can change the size of photos so that they are exact to what we need for the website
  • Edit photos for social media
  • We might be doing podcasts so eye catching photos will be key
  • Edit photos of those that work within the company to use online or on our blog
I can’t live without photoshop. Unless if someone comes out with something better, I’ll be using this until the end of time. Once you use it, you won’t want to use anything else. Our purchase had already paid for itself... if you had to outsource the work we can do in-house, you’d be paying way more.

Evaluating Adobe Photoshop and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
You can use Photoshop in combination with other adobe products seamlessly. This is handy when working on a project . Illustrator and OnDesign can be used in conjunction. You can use the adobe suite of products to publish professional projects. I use photoshop every day in the professional work place
Well there is really nothing quite like photoshop so I don’t think there is a choice. It’s widely used and extremely useful.. so what choice do you really have.

Adobe Photoshop Implementation

I took a course so it really helped. I didn’t take the course until much later after beginning to use it, so I wish work would have sent me right off the bat. It would have alleviated a lot of frustratinon
  • Workers getting to know how to use it.
  • Taking a course

Adobe Photoshop Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - It’s not really necessary as there are a lot of online tutorials that help you through a number of different projects. Instead of paying for support I suggest taking a local course with a trained professional. Become the expert and you don’t need further help!
I followed an online tutorial and was able to do something I’ve never done before. So easy to pause, do it , and follow along again. I blended two photos to show something I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to depict.

Using Adobe Photoshop

Like to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Unnecessarily complex
  • Edit size of photos
  • Take out background of pictures
  • Change colors in a picture
  • Taking out background
  • Resizing photos before inserting them into another photo
You really must take time to learn this program. It can be difficult and you really should take a course. This can be extremely frustrating and confusing to use, but after you get the know how things get easier.