AdWords Review
Updated February 04, 2015

AdWords Review

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Overall Satisfaction with AdWords

AdWords is used predominately by the search and digital display advertising teams within our company. Through AdWords we can manage paid search campaigns that also include managing ads on Google content network and Google domains across the world. For digital display we use it for banner based media buys on Google and its partner networks. We also manage YouTube video advertising through AdWords.
  • AdWords has a great capability to manage a client’s budget in the most micro possible way. The structure that Google has created to setup adwords PPC helps you create a channelized method to control your cost and manage your visibility, through creating campaign and ad group structures wisely.
  • We can monitor bids for every keyword separately that present in the list, which I think is amazing flexibility and write ads for each particular category of keywords. For example if you are bidding on keyword [white shirt] you can have an ad that specifically speaks to that particular keyword. This helps advertisers stay extremely relevant to searches and hence increase the chance of brand interaction through Google paid ads.
  • Google’s intelligent algorithms help with conversion optimizations which will automatically determine the max CPC. (Maximum willingness to pay per click). It can also target people who have abandoned a particular task on the site and can target those users for the next couple of days to drive them to the client’s site again to finish the task. Example – hotel booking sites constantly remarket to people who don’t finish a hotel booking.
  • One scope of functionality that I find missing is that what if a user is not as advanced to select the best keywords for their business. Google has facility to do topic targeting on content networks, and that facility should be extended to PPC. For example if the clients want to sell shirts they can select apparel as a category and have a chance to appear on relevant searches.
  • Google AdWords also has a long way to go as far as mapping online to store purchases, since a lot of time the final decision is made online but the purchase happens in the store. Google is putting steps in place to get closer to this but there are several enhancements that are possible.
  • AdWords has had a very positive impact due to its nature of low cost in client acquisition and its ability to track a sale or order generated through AdWords ads. Other mediums like TV, print, and radio can't have a foolproof sale conversion measurement but AdWords can, if it's setup accordingly.
I have used Yahoo and Bing’s platform as well to do PPC marketing & they are far behind AdWords in terms of bringing innovative stuff to the table. They often catch up with AdWords' capabilities in three to six months.
The AdWords campaign structure solely depends on the client's objective. The user should determine a client's objective before developing the structure in AdWords.

Using AdWords

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As of today Google AdWords leads approximately 90% of paid searches globally. There is practically is no other network that can offer such a relevant and engaging audience at the price. The PPC model is also unique in that no media dollars are wasted, since PPC models ensure brand interaction versus traditional media which has heavy ad avoidance and clutter but still charges a hefty amount for ads.

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