Amazon: Big IaaS option for your business
September 04, 2018

Amazon: Big IaaS option for your business

Miguel Angel Merino Vega | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Both our customers and we have a wide range of applications uploaded in Amazon EC2. Since we do not have physical servers, we have EC2 instances in our testing, development, production and administrative departments. Also, we support many clients who prefer to manage their own EC2 instances.

EC2 instances allow us to abstract all the management of servers and concentrate on what really generates value in our business: building solutions for our clients.


  • Quick learning curve and ease of acquisition for new learners due to their 12 month free trial.
  • Connection to the entire AWS ecosystem, such as RDS service for database management.
  • Dynamic scaling of instance resources allows you to achieve the performance you are looking for without having to pay more than necessary.
  • Hot swap of volumes and other resources.


  • You can't easily know the end of free trial period, which can generate monthly costs for unused services (even so, the support for these isolated cases is very good!)
  • The default configuration of resource usage alerts could be better. Even so, there are alternatives to control these cases outside of AWS.
  • While you're still learning how to handle instances, one can make some serious mistakes, such as leaving open ports or deleting an instance without realizing it. Again, is not a core AWS responsability but a few alerts could be great (or you can leave infraestructure experts handle all the management).
  • EC2 reduced the need for many specialized personnel for infrastructure.
  • Reduced expenses in acquisition and maintenance of servers.
  • Reduced costs in configuration of development and production environments, due to virtualization, images and volume management.
  • The perception of many clients improves when you work with an ally like Amazon AWS, which translates into contracts.
Compared to other IaaS providers such as Google Compute Engine, EC2 stands out due to its ease of use, good performance, and low price.

Lately, Google Compute Engine seems to have improved noticeably, but we stack with EC2 for the trust and quality that has generated is in the last 6 years.
If your company or your clients have infrastructure restrictions (or a need for full control), or if your deployment contains many nodes to consider, EC2 could probably not be the best option.

But if virtualization is an alternative, or you hear good comments among your managers about IaaS or PaaS, then AWS EC2 is the way to go.

And for start-ups it is definitely the best alternative.


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