ShareFile is Clean and Easy to Use
February 22, 2019

ShareFile is Clean and Easy to Use

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Overall Satisfaction with Citrix ShareFile

We use ShareFile for all of our field teams to be able to easily access the project documents while they are on site throughout our area of operations. Using ShareFile has helped our "out of the office groups" have access to all their necessary project documents while having them backed up, all without having to wait for long download times from remote servers. It also allowed our teams to share pertinent information with our subcontractors as needed while still keeping them safe from tampering.


  • I think that one of ShareFile's greatest strengths is its ease of use. With the outlook plug-in sharing large documents is so quick and easy.
  • I also like the security and control that is provided for who can access the documents and tracking the changes within them. I think it does well at protecting information that leaves the company.
  • I also think the website is well organized and easy to use. It was very easy for us to implement and train our employees on the proper use of the website and software.


  • One of the downsides that I noticed was that there is no document lockout tool so if multiple users were to access and edit a file at the same time there is potential for version errors.
  • Strong internet coverage is required. Without good internet, accessing files and syncing them to the cloud could be difficult.
  • The price can be a bit high especially for the smaller businesses but you do get the support that is not available for free cloud services like Google Drive.
  • ShareFile has saved my company time and money in cutting down on time for file sharing, updating, and distribution. This has improved communication between parties and reduced mistakes from incorrect information.
  • Training cost has gone down for us because the ease of use and simplicity of the program is so intuitive.
  • The user management has given us a sense of security and trust that our information is safe and protected.
Google Drive and Dropbox have been out a long time but I think that ShareFile takes the best part of those software and then adds some. If you are looking for something more manageable that is so easy to implement company-wide, then ShareFile would be a great option. While ShareFile and Procore do have some similar functionalities, I think the document storage and sharing of ShareFile is better. However, the search, reference, and reporting tools of Procore are much better than what is available with ShareFile.
I think a lot of ShareFile's speed and power comes from a reliable internet connection and while large files can take a bit longer to download, the total wait times are always within reason. I have found that I can trust ShareFile to function as it is intended and I rarely run into any problems. When I do they typically are quickly resolved.
ShareFile is so easy to use I was able to download all of my projects files and have them set up to sync before my supervisor could even come over to explain the process to me. It is a neatly organized and intuitive software that allows even the less tech-savvy to become power users.
Industry-tailored workflows: ShareFile has 10 key industries and the workflow will match that industry. For example: for accounting, the app will display options for clients to sign documents, which cuts out on them having to post or fax documents. I think it is not as good for small businesses especially if you have part-time employees as paying for their access as well can add up quickly for overall costs.

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