Save Time & Keep Salesforce Data Clean with Cloudingo
March 26, 2019

Save Time & Keep Salesforce Data Clean with Cloudingo

Rachel Green | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cloudingo

Having clean and up-to-date data in your CRM is extremely important. Cloudingo is used in our sales and marketing departments to... 1) Merge duplicate records 2) Ensure leads are converted to contacts to the appropriate account. Rather than having to manually guess and search for "dirty" data in Salesforce, Cloudingo allows our teams to see the quality of the data in our CRM in a single dashboard view, and also allows us to merge and convert records individually or in groups. Cloudingo helps keep our CRM clean so the rest of the work we do isn't wasted on "dirty" or out-dated data.


  • Cloudingo displays a single dashboard view of the quality of data you have in Salesforce. You no longer have to guess how much of your CRM is "clean" or "dirty".
  • Cloudingo allows you to test functionality in Salesforce Sandbox prior to conducting changes in Salesforce Production. I highly recommend thoroughly testing functionality prior to making changes in your live CRM.
  • Cloudingo allows you to mass merge and converts records automatically and manually either individually or in groups. This saves a lot of manual time in trying to keep your CRM's data clean.


  • Cloudingo is slow. The processing power is not very quick, especially when mass cleaning records.
  • Our company does not have Cloudingo automatically running and cleaning, primarily because we do not trust the set up of our Cloudingo platform to conduct deduping or converting without human supervision.
  • Cloudingo onboarding and training. I felt confident when onboarding the software, but right after we had it set up I had to figure out a lot of the functionality and "rule" setting on my own. It is not the easiest application to self-teach yourself.
  • Cloudingo has absolutely no impact on our bottom-line in terms of new-business won or customer renewals/growth.
  • Cloudingo does have an impact on time saved by employees manually one-by-one searching for duplicate records and merging them individually in Salesforce.
  • Cloudingo allows our team to accurately report on the status of our Salesforce "clean" data, rather than guessing. We can lower our contact-limit numbers by removing duplicates using Cloudingo so we do not exceed our Salesforce limit.
Ringlead. After using Cloudingo for a year we started shopping around to see if we could find a better solution. Ringlead's platform is more sleek, and has a lot of nice add-ons, however, it is over triple the cost we pay for Cloudingo and could not justify the spend, which is why we still have Cloudingo at Dyknow.
Cloudingo is a Salesforce deduping and cleaning tool. I highly recommend that someone in your company who works with Salesforce data also work within Cloudingo. Cloudingo, also allows you to import leads and contacts into Salesforce in the same document, which is a huge time saver. It is not a segmentation or "missing" data finding tool, like some of their competitors.


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