Conversica has really helped to fuel our sales pipeline.
August 27, 2019

Conversica has really helped to fuel our sales pipeline.

Tim Mize | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Sales AI Assistant
  • Using With Salesforce

Overall Satisfaction with Conversica

We use Conversica as a pre-sales tool. We send new leads through Conversica prior to sending them to our salespeople. Conversica is mainly used by our sales department, but is also being used by our accounting and onboarding department. Our salespeople also use it for bringing back to life a stale opportunity or quote. The accounting department will use it in the same fashion for support quotes. Conversica really helps us to save our salespeople time in seeking out a lead and making sure it is "qualified" before talking with them.
  • The seven email touch really works well since most salespeople will not really have the time to send that many emails to every lead they receive.
  • The alerts that the owner of the lead receives really has helped a lot with keeping salespeople in touch when they are needed. The HOT lead notice really gets them to notice in an inbox full of other emails.
  • We use Conversica inside of Salesforce. The reporting that is built-in is really on point and very well done. It is really easy to see any information you may need on the current real-time reports.
  • By using Salesforce with Conversica, anyone can add a lead or contact to a Conversica conversation through campaigns in Salesforce. This is great, but also getting to be a problem in how to organize the many conversations we now have and to have them searchable.
  • The conversations are able to be customized. It would be nice to possibly change some of the wording that is standard and cannot be changed.
  • The emails that Conversica sends out through the AI are great, but it would be great to be able to see the subject of the email as well.
  • We have seen a real increase in the quality of leads going to our salespeople, and with a confirmed phone number.
  • Our salespeople have really liked having an "assistant" to help get stale opportunities back in to process and end in a sale that may not have been made if it was not for Conversica.
  • Conversica has really brought a new life to our company knowing that there is a huge amount of work in a day, over 1700 conversations at a time or more, being done with our people focusing on even more important things.
Like anything new, there can be problems or hiccups. We had our share that was very quickly addressed, ironed out, and/or reconfigured to fit our business model. The responsiveness of the team is incredible, and our representatibe that we were assigned really made the whole process of onboarding and ongoing support painless.
The implementation of Conversica was very well thought out. The process we went through with our onboarding team, and the representative assigned to us was very thought out, you could tell. They kept us on track with daily meetings to check progress and make sure we were set up for success going forward. We now refer to the Conversica onboarding process as the way things should be done when talking about other vendors, and use it as a standard to judge others.
We evaluated SalesboxAI at the same time we were evaluating Conversica. We had a great experience with both and also talked with other people that were using Conversica in the process. We thought that Conversica had more time in service, as an AI was a real factor in understanding the process. The clients we talked to prior to purchasing as referrals really helped us to make an informed decision in going with Conversica.
We have loved having the AI be the "go-between" on a new lead coming into a salesperson. This scenario is not just used for our inbound leads, but we also use it for our outbound leads as well. We have even used it to test the sources, we get outbound leads from quickly and easily with no work from our salespeople required.