DocLink digital filing cabinet system creates a highly productive office!
Pamela Dalton | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 08, 2019

DocLink digital filing cabinet system creates a highly productive office!

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Overall Satisfaction with DocLink

DocLink is used by our Accounts Payable and Accounting teams. It is essentially our digital filing cabinet, allowing us to scan documents, transfer within departments across our entire enterprise system for review and approval, create annotations for future reference, and maintain a true "paper-free" status. We are able to save a great deal of time by having a detailed, organized digital document system.
  • Maintains all scanned and processed documents since we converted from paper files. 13 years and counting for our company.
  • Able to create custom folders or "workflows" with specific permissions.
  • Able to quickly search using a wide variety of search parameters.
  • Allows the user to make notations, highlights, and digital stamps for future reference.
  • Allows the user to scan or drag and drop documents into the program and will convert to the acceptable format (ie: PDF will convert to TIF).
  • Search parameters are limited. I would love to be able to enter one value and the program pull in all items containing that value (ie: wildcard search).
  • The workflow creation module is complicated. There are so many steps, and if a step is overlooked during creation, the process does not function properly.
  • It is challenging to delete workflows once a history for a specific workflow has been established.
  • The services monitoring system is confusing for the average, non-technical user.
  • Our team is so much more productive with a very minute amount of "missing" documents in relation to using an archaic paper filing system.
  • We have essentially eliminated the need for an outsourced secured document storage company.
  • Our AP and Accounting teams have access to every document that we've scanned into DocLink since we began using the program, thus creating a highly efficient, stress-free work environment.
DocLink is the 1st digital filing system that we've used. Prior to DocLink, we were manually filing invoices, capital expenditure requests, purchase orders, and contracts, and then manually boxing these files every year and shipping them to a 3rd party secure document storage company. This process was very time consuming, very disorganized, and quite cost prohibitive. DocLink has allowed our AP and Accounting teams to be much more involved with document management, creating a greater sense of ownership in their positions and a much more productive work environment.
DocLink is quite reliable and effective. Scanned documents are easy to read with very slight loss of integrity. Pages load quickly with occasional lag loading very large files. We use DocLink with MS Dynamics SL, and the two systems perform well together without much interruption or ambiguity in the process. One issue we have is in relation to the number of licenses and issues we have when a session will not close upon exit, thus suspending an available license rendering it unusable. Although very infrequent, IT has had to manually "end" a session to clear the license.
DocLink is VERY user-friendly! The daily functions are easily taught to non-financial individuals. It's easy to understand and easy to manipulate with a simple, functional layout. The Administrative module is not too complicated, but it would be more effective if there was a more thorough "help" section or an online forum for users. All of my knowledge is self-taught, trial and error, but it would be helpful for a new user to have an online resource to address questions or issues.
Coming from a completely manual filing system, using a digital system has been wonderful. We had no problems during the conversion, aside from slight network issues between our scanners and DocLink, but that is not a software problem. Training a new hire, both face to face and remotely for our out of state users, has been very uncomplicated, and every employee has been pleased with this software.
DocLink is a very effective program for processing and maintaining files. It allows the user to scan invoices and documents into the program and move each file throughout the enterprise as necessary for review, approval, notification, etc. It eliminates the need to spend countless hours manually filing paper documents, reduces the need for filing cabinets, reduces issues with missing or misfiled documents, and creates a much more organized and efficient system.