Why HubSpot is Contagious
Updated April 12, 2015

Why HubSpot is Contagious

Helen Beal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • This is my second time round with HubSpot - I bought it at my last company and loved it so much I bought it again. This time around, I just launched a new website build (quickly, easily and beautifully!) in HubSpot yesterday - and added some new events to the events page in minutes today.
  • Even though the website only went live yesterday, I've already been using it for several weeks to extend our social reach - we've hooked up all our social media accounts and our twitter activity and LinkedIn group memberships are on fire. Leads galore!
  • Now it's all there I can start reporting on traffic and analyzing sources and campaign successes. I can also start setting our targets so we can keep on blogging, adding new content, broadcasting our content and driving traffic to our site and converting to meaningful leads.
  • I would love to see an integrated survey tool in HubSpot - I use Survey Monkey quite a bit at the moment and would love to be able to email it out (integrated) from HubSpot, blast it out through social media via (integrated) HubSpot, collect and analyse responses in HubSpot (and have them piped through to SFDC)
  • The first thing people are always really impressed with when I am selling the tool internally is the speed at which we can curate and broadcast quality content through multiple social media channels - although there are other tools like HootSuite that can do this - they don't integrate with everything else that HubSpot does. I think using this tool makes me at least 10 times as efficient as I could be using all the media channels separately.
  • We recognise that telemarketing is increasingly inefficient and the way in which prospects and customers are buying everything, including software, has changed. HubSpot gives us the opportunity to build a website that we can optimise, keep fresh, drive traffic to and convert. We think this will deliver up to 10 times as many leads in the first year compared to traditional telemarketing.
  • HubSpot's integrations into SFDC and GoToWebinar enable us to offer streamlined processes to our sales and marketing teams - no duplication of effort or batch updating of data.
HubSpot quickly becomes the spine of a sales and marketing strategy - because it can do everything (apart from integrated surveys!) - it is the content platform to talk to customers and prospects through, the place to create compelling calls to action, the hub of all social media activity, the place where contacts are emailed, the source of leads into SFDC, the driver of events and registrations. It becomes essential, invaluable, irreplaceable.
If you're new to inbound marketing, spend some time learning about its principles whilst you get to know HubSpot. The software's capabilities are so broad you might initially be overwhelmed by everything it can do - but bite off a piece at a time and you will soon find it becomes the central tenet of your marketing strategy.

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