Hands down the best Security Awareness Training Platform we have found
Updated July 25, 2023

Hands down the best Security Awareness Training Platform we have found

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Software Version

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Modules Used

  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training
  • KnowBe4 Training Modules (e.g. Common Threats, Creating Strong Passwords, GDPR, etc.)
  • KnowBe4 Training Micro-modules (e.g. Captain Awareness, Credit Card Security, etc.)
  • The Security Awareness Company Content Library

Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

We leverage Knowbe4 Security Awareness training in our environment to educate our users on common phishing attacks, malicious email links, etc. We have used it successfully to not only educate and train the users, but to also test them via the campaigns. Over time we found a dramatic increase in users passing the campaigns, even as we gradually stepped up the difficulty of the campaigns. We have found this to be demonstrably successful in not only educating our employees, but as a by-product, assisting in securing our corporate environment.
  • Allows for gradual increases in stepping up difficulty of the phishing campaigns.
  • Allows for remedial training for those users who fail testing campaigns on the initial testing.
  • Flexibility in the type and nature of campaigns.
  • Excellent support and documentation resources.
  • The administration console could be easier to navigate at times.
  • The ldap integration sometimes has a few hiccups with new users especially.
  • Would like to see additional categories added in the future.
  • Countless times by being educated from Knowbe4 campaigns our users have alerted I.T. to a suspicious link or email instead of clicking or interacting with said email or link.
  • Our cyber security insurance policy cost is impacted positively by having Knowbe4 in place.
  • By having users educated and not interacting with a series of emails, we were able to avoid ransomware and the potential financial blow that entails.
We selected Knowbe4 Security Awareness Training after researching it along with Webroot Security Awareness Training and Infosec IQ for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst those reasons were the cost, ease of use, brand recognition in the industry. While all three of the options brought forth valid reasons for their selections, the combination between the cost, administration, and industry respect and reviews, led us to select Knowbe4.

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The availability of fresh training content has allowed us to keep our users engaged and on their toes when it comes to the campaigns, whether that's phishing or training. The lack of repetition in the training material and phishing emails, ensures that users don't get complacent when they potentially see the material. This ensures that when they receive new threats in the real world environment they are accustomed to being vigilant and aware.
We use a single administrator with some oversight from department manager. We try to disperse campaigns with enough variety that each department could potentially see similar material in a real world scenario. Users themselves are added via the ldap/AD integration piece and are managed collectively. Reports are ran and disseminated to department managers and supervisors after each successful campaign completion.
The most important and key metrics we currently use to evaluate the success and continued value of Knowbe4 are both the results from the campaigns themselves, and how often, if ever users click on malicious items in real world environment. We can show a direct correlation between those users who fail or do not complete all the training and those who click on malicious items in the wild as well. This shows the continued value of the platform.
I would without hesitation say that any valid use-case scenario where security awareness training is needed, that Knowbe4 [Security Awareness Training] would be a great fit. As a smaller to medium sized company of 130 employees, it has been a fantastic fit and tool. Not only are the phishing campaigns easy to set up and schedule, so are the the training campaigns. Their library of modules are extensive and it's easy to continue finding new ones to use for future schedules as well. The reporting is well done, and it's easy to show a corroboration between users completing all their testing/campaigns and their lack of success or failure on the phishing portions.

KnowBe4 Compliance Plus

The overall quality and variety of the compliance plus training content was impressive and allowed us to select fresh options for each training session we utilized. We were able to use the training material to engage the appropriate employees on topics such as data privacy, data protection, and workplace safety in a manner that didn't feel oppressive or as stuffy as normal policy and procedure-driven training materials have in the past. There was and is enough additional content that we should be able to keep bringing something fresh to the table and educating our employees for the foreseeable future.
The main benefit of being able to deliver security and compliance training from one platform came in the form of familiarity for our employees. This allowed them to become familiar and comfortable with the excellent modules provided by the knowbe4 platform and it kept them from becoming frustrated when they are asked to use several platforms for various training and reporting. Having more or less of a training aggregate of sorts has made it more palatable to those needing the training.
After seeing what else is on the market versus what Knowbe4 consistently delivers, I would say with no hesitation that Knowbe4 Compliance Plus definitely delivers an excellent value for their price point. They actively produce new material, keep the material informative, engaging, yet light at the same time for the employees consumption. I have yet to find another company offering similar quality and quantity at or near their pricing.
As a user of Knowbe4 training in it's various offerings for quite a few years now, I strongly believe they are the standard at what they do, and the pricing is just icing on the cake in my personal opinion.
The other offerings we looked at in the compliance training content sector, either seemed way to technical and dull for our particular employee demographic, and or the pricing structure and cost were deemed prohibitive for our needs and budget. We found that the type of training material routinely put out by Knowbe4 was better received in internal test groups, and in addition their pricing was much more budget friendly to boot.

Using KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Setting up campaigns
  • Customizing landing pages
  • Implementing training modules
  • Adding and removing users
  • LDAP integration had a few hiccups