LastPass solves your headache!
November 18, 2018

LastPass solves your headache!

Maison Tan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass

LastPass is being used throughout our organization.

LastPass solves the issue of username and password storage. It is a valid concern these days with hackers trying to gain access to an organization's data. When access to a certain site is required by different users, by limiting the number of users who have access to see the actual password, would be most ideal. And in event passwords are updated, there is no need to inform every user.

Also, with employees coming and going, the limitation of password viewing is very important. There's no need to change the password of a particular site when the employee who is leaving did not know the password. LastPass allows a login to be shared with another user without letting the user know the actual password.
  • LastPass allows users to have a personal account to store personal passwords that can be joined to an organization account. And when you leave the organization, you can disengage your personal account from the organization account to take with you.
  • LastPass helps to store passwords that are unique and not common which no normal person can remember. You can install the phone app and bring the passwords on the go. You can access LastPass on any computer via their website to get your passwords. You can share and unshare logins with anyone as long as you have access to the internet.
  • LastPass allows users to create Shared Folders. This is particularly useful for organizations which intends to expand their employee head count exponentially. With Shared Folders, managers can share login information with new employees without sharing the passwords by just giving the new employee access to the particular shared folder. Managers can have different Shared Folders and share access to each folder to different users. Each folder can have different users. So for example, the tech team would only need access to the Tech Shared Folder and the accounting team would only need access to the Accounting Shared Folder.
  • Leave the heavy encryption of password and usernames to LastPass while you focus on building your company.
  • LastPass requires you to have access to internet for changes and updates. If you have the phone app, you can view your data offline which might not be accurate if you have not accessed internet in a while.
  • When a login is shared via LastPass, any updates by the owner of the login takes a long time to get to shared users. Shared users might not get updated for 15mins to 30mins. The workaround is to log out and log back in. The chances of the update happening by doing that is much higher.
  • In most case, when a login is shared via LastPass with password not viewable by shared user, the password is hidden. But in some cases, like when password is shared for a PayPal account, even though password is supposed to be hidden, the user can still see the actual password on PayPal site. This might not be the fault of LastPass and the way PayPal works but just be cautious about it.
  • Onboarding new employees is easy for managers. On their first day, they sign up for LastPass and boom, logins can be shared to their account instantaneously. Similar with off-boarding, managers can delete access with immediate effect.
  • It saves time to have one individual save the login information into a Shared Folder rather than have 10 account managers save it into their computer.
Most well suited for start-ups where employees come and go. Logins can be shared without sharing the password. Shared Folders makes it easy to share logins to a group of users. Share and Unshare is as easy as clicking a button.

For personal use, LastPass is very useful to remember logins to sites that we seldom use. Every site has different password requirements and it is impossible to remember logins. I like to be able to find my logins when I visit the site. LastPass has a prompt if it detects a stored password for the site you are visiting.