LeadLander - Helpful Website View Insights
December 04, 2018

LeadLander - Helpful Website View Insights

Michael J. Towle | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LeadLander

LeadLander provides a simple and intuitive way for sales reps to receive relevant data pertaining to website visits at regional, company, and even lead levels. Often the information provided includes varying levels of contact information when available along with pages visited, frequency and duration, enabling insights that can help determine how to approach leads with relevant messaging in a timely manner.


  • Lead information is intuitively delivered to email inboxes either daily or in real time based on user preferences.
  • Insights shared give a link to pages viewed to increase accuracy in crafting follow-up messaging.
  • Functionality is customizable to regional, company, and lead levels, enabling various levels of contact based on the type of interest being shown.


  • The tool is fairly simplistic, and the settings error on the side of sending you too much information by default, which is better than not enough, but can initially turn into way too many daily email until settings are tailored. The settings are not the easiest to navigate if you're looking to tailor based on specific accounts. The default options are more easily tailored to regional settings, but can be more tightly defined with care/assistance.
  • If email frequency is not paired down, the likelihood of responding in a timely manner decreases because the alerts are taken less seriously. My recommendation would be to receive a daily digest of leads rather than real-time unless the users are pure outbound business/sales development reps who are not working deals beyond opportunity creation.
  • The tool has a tendency to become set and forget, but should ultimately be updated each time a territory experiences changes.
  • The tool is fairly simplistic in what it accomplishes
  • The tool requires careful tuning in order to be tailored to specific accounts. It is possible that they have already addressed this issue, but the last time that I checked about 1-2 months ago, the methodology was still not very simple beyond mere regional settings.
  • The tool can tend to update you too frequently by default unless settings are tuned to involve fewer notifications.
We use a number of other prospecting tools, but none that scrape website attendance information.
LeadLander is great for sales reps who are looking for additional insights when attempting to get the right message to the right audience at the right time via the right medium. Nevertheless, the tool is basically fairly simplistic in terms of what you get. Data is delivered via email and can be tailored in terms of frequency and territory, but the overall information presented is fairly simple. The links to websites visited and accompanying information pertaining to frequency and duration are incredibly helpful. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of users visiting sites that utilize a free version of your tool, care is required to ensure that your messaging is not falling on deaf ears. Overall, the tool is very useful for accomplishing awareness of baseline insights pertaining to prospective clientele visiting your company's website in order to craft more meaningful messaging.


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