Long-time Linode user, and always recommend it
May 06, 2021

Long-time Linode user, and always recommend it

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

I've been using Linode for about a decade, and use it for web hosting servers, database servers, and remote storage backup sites.
  • Customer service.
  • Reliability.
  • Pricing.
  • Upgrades are a tiny bit clunky, but still very doable.
  • Inexpensive infrastructure.
  • Reliable infrastructure.
I've used Digital Ocean, AWS, and a variety other hosts and services over the years. Linode has been a standout service for virtual servers. They're biggest differentiator is the customer support. I can get a knowledgeable response by email, or get somebody on the phone in a few rings and get the issue solved or acknowledged right away.

The same CANNOT be said about DO and AWS.
Their customer support and more generally how they stand behind their service is the number one reason for my recommendation.

They answer the phone nearly immediately, reply to tickets quickly, and most importantly the first contact is always with a knowledgeable, helpful support engineer. They either fix the issues right away, answer your questions on first contact, or at least can give you an immediate and credible acknowledgment of the issues they're facing (as opposed to pretending they never heard of an outstanding issue, or walking you through useless troubleshooting and unrelated steps).

I've never seen anything close to the level of competence among support staff at other hosting providers.
It's really just that Linode provides reliable, affordable, hosting servers and stand behind them with excellent support. That's enough. Too many cloud providers are trying to be too many things... this is all I need.
I've used Linode across 4 different organizations now. Some had critical uptime requirements with severe consequences for problems. In those situations the responsive customer support was absolutely invaluable in those rare occasions where we had issues. Being able to quickly get info and report back to our internal stakeholders helped tremendously.

In my current endeavor the stakes are much lower, but nonetheless I appreciate knowing that of the million things I need to worry about, hosting isn't high on the list.
Linode has been great for web hosting, database hosting, and general virtual servers. I've appreciated that they haven't tried to be AWS in the past (i.e. API services rather than simple virtual servers), though perhaps that's the way they're heading now and if so, I can't necessarily recommend that since I've only used servers. Great service for virtual servers.