Matillion Is Easy Data Pipelines!
August 13, 2020

Matillion Is Easy Data Pipelines!

Hyrum Ward | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Matillion

Matillion is being used by Data Engineering, which is a part of the Purple Analytics department. No other departments are using it. Matillion helps us automate our data pipelines. It gives us a platform on which we can schedule Python scripts, and provides an easy workspace where we can design and implement our workflows. The Matillion server is easy to maintain, which was a problem before we switched from our previous platform. Matillion makes it easy to perform ETL operations on our data, whether it starts in our data warehouse or not. It gives us plenty of flexibility in how we design our jobs. And it's super easy to use.
  • The workspace is drag and drop, which makes it intuitive and easy to use.
  • Server creation and management is robust. We haven't had to worry too much about it once we got it created.
  • The job scheduler is very simple and intuitive.
  • Matillion allows you to run Python, which grants almost unlimited flexibility, even without using any other components.
  • The Python script component needs a friendlier window in which to edit your scripts. The script is not searchable, and tabbing is frustrating.
  • The High Availability server configuration was not working for us. It was allowing duplicate jobs to run, and causing a lot of confusion in the scheduler. Love the idea, but the implementation fell short.
  • Better alerting around queued jobs would be nice. Sometimes jobs start queuing and nothing runs. Usually this is the result of a badly written job, but it would be nice to get alerts.
  • Matillion is an essential part of our stack, which has transformed how we use data to make business decisions. The value is immense, though hard to quantify in a review.
Matillion is drag and drop. It is extremely flexible, intuitive, and easy to get started with. Python scripts allow you to do pretty much anything you need. If you don't know scripting, there are widgets that can do what you need as well.

Scheduling a job is a few clicks. Couldn't be easier.
We tested Matillion for about two weeks. By the time we were done testing, we were writing transformations. At that point, we were extremely comfortable with the tool, and we successfully migrated all of our existing code over to Matillion in a few weeks. The learning curve for Matillion is shallow.

Our entry level Data Engineers don't need any hand holding with this tool. A very quick demonstration is generally all that is required. After that, the tool is intuitive enough that even a beginner can use it.
Generally, Matillion allows you to scale the size of the servers to fit your needs. It could be easier to increase the size, but it also could be that I've been spoiled by Snowflake in this regard. Having said that, we've already had to increase the size of our server, and did it without too much trouble.
We used Airflow for a year before switching to Matillion. We switched to Matillion because the Airflow servers were not stable, and we didn't have any in-house expertise that could manage the Linux OS which Airflow is built on. We were constantly frustrated by the fact that we had to wait for a consultant whenever we wanted to manage one of the servers, or if something was down we had to wait for someone to fix it. Also, Airflow doesn't have a GUI that is drag and drop. It is a lot more work to manage the flow of the scripts in Airflow, and requires a lot more explanation, especially for an entry level data engineer. There is a lot more coding in Airflow, which is fine if you are a good coder. However, Matillion offers a bigger tool set for those who just want to focus on building an ETL pipeline, and don't care to do a lot of coding.
Matillion is a one stop ETL shop. It is extremely flexible, and has been able to manage anything we've asked it to do so far. We love it for any API calls that we want to make. It is also very useful for transforming data that is already in our warehouse.

Matillion might not be appropriate for a very small startup that is relying on free software. Airflow is a better choice in that scenario.

For large datasets being pulled from third parties that have complex schemas, Matillion can be a lot of work. It is possible, but there are other tools that specialize in that. Fivetran is a tool we use in tandem with Matillion to great effect.

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