Movable Type Review and Evaluation
April 08, 2014

Movable Type Review and Evaluation

Joffroi Holcombe | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

I primarily used Movable Type when I was performing free lance web designing. I would use it at the CMS for clients so they could easily modify and add content on their sites without having any coding experience. I used Moveable Type over its competitors because it was more open to modifications and customization. It was very easy to template and depending on how proficient your PHP and SQL skills were, you could make the platform do anything you wanted.

The man issue I had was implementing the dynamic page load portion of it. I couldn't get it to work so many of my pages were loaded statically. The issue with this is some of my site's typical side bar content (ex. Recently posted....) content was not updating. I also used the system on a site that grew to about 800+ pages. This resulted in build errors and system errors.
  • Very easy to theme.
  • The control panel is simple enough for the basic user to figure out
  • Very easy to add plugins and more complex code.
  • The actual plugin website seems out of date and not well maintained.
  • The system seemed to crash for much larger sites (800+ entries).
  • Most of my Movable Type sites were smaller scaled or did not really have marketing goals so this isn't applicable to my case.
As mentioned, this tool is great for small companies that have no web experience and want a designer to build something they can eventually update and maintain. For larger scale sites, I would be more comfortable creating everything in-house.
If someone was well versed in PHP and SQL, I would recommend building a system from scratch. If they are more comfortable using a system then can customize, but that has the backbone already created, this would be a great tool. If they have a very limited knowledge of coding, I would recommend Wordpress just due to the more available plugins and templates.