Oracle Database - Best cost-benefit for mid-sized organizations.
August 31, 2017

Oracle Database - Best cost-benefit for mid-sized organizations.

Claudio Hoffer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Database

We opted for this platform after trying different products. Started with a proprietary application that took months to be usable and after a lot of work, it only covered less than half the areas we needed to monitor. We thought that Oracle Database was too big and expensive for our organization but we spent more trying solutions that at the end of the day did not meet our company needs. We needed to store a certain type and amount of web resources, content, news, emails, customer data, social media, and be able to extract and categorize this information to be analyzed by the different departments. Sounds pretty basic but our group consists of several business units, that were collecting information and storing it using different platforms not compatible between them. Oracle keeps all our information centralized and secured, allowing us to analyze all this data in any imaginable possible way. The compatibility of our security and storage solutions helped us to finally opt for this product.
  • High reliability. Oracle databases are known for delivering high integrity of stored data and excellent performance.
  • Compatibility with top notch security software. We use data loss prevention and backup software that work perfectly with Oracle. We didn't want to change these products since they were solid and we knew how they work.
  • Rock-Solid Architecture, very easy to organize, manages memory efficiently, running complex queries is extremely easy. Super advanced engine.
  • I think that Oracle scares companies sometimes with their prices and learning curve. We found that a previous administration considered Oracle a few years before we got it. Enterprise Software providers tent to confuse and scare customers when they deliver a proposal to small and mid-sized organizations.
  • Our Objective was the unification of the group as a whole. Oracle not only helped us to reach that goal, it opened the gates to a new era in our company.
  • Improved marketing campaigns and people engagement. Increased sales due to the efficient, complex and fast reports.
  • ROI not only we stopped wasting time and money trying other solutions, we also reduced the time we used to create a report. We actually gained access to information we thought was impossible to get.
Microsoft SQL, Mysql and a few other products. We opted to go with a DB instead a tool specifically developed for us after wasting time and money. We started with a software company to develop a proprietary tool that took us more than 6 months only for the design and after it was completed never delivered what we needed.
For an ever changing company, the ability to create customized database applications is golden. It's easy to work with large amounts of data. That allows us to discover patterns in this data over time. Solid platform, reliable, compatible, fast. Lots of good qualities plus excellent technical support. For a mid-sized company like ours, Oracle delivered power over our own information empowering our data analysis in a way we never were able to before. The best cost-benefit on the market!