Pipedrive Lets You Drive Revenues from Customers Looking For You!
Jackie Bassett | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 10, 2018

Pipedrive Lets You Drive Revenues from Customers Looking For You!

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As CEO, I create our strategic plan and designed the execution strategy based on a well-proven framework. It ferrets out what's most broken in historical sales and marketing, (and that list is, nearly endless) and empowers what works. Pipedrive lets me build that right into the CRM.

While technically, nearly every "lead" is a potential "opportunity" somehow, the priority focus must be on why? Why drives when!
Our strategy-to-execution designed into our CRM, closes, not only more deals but the right deals! The deals that scale, that build a great brand, that accelerates our company's growth and creates jobs where people will be successful.

No one who hasn't been a successful salesperson should ever build a CRM, and that explains why Pipedrive has been so successful - as are the companies that use Pipedrive.

  • Visibility: I can know in one view, at any given time exactly where every opportunity is, why it's there or why/where it may be stuck.
  • Priorities: 'Closest to the close', 'older is colder' are spot-on truisms. In a world of competing priorities, for both you and the customer, choices are made, more often because the solution is a perfect match AND, the sales team follows up in an intelligent & respectfully, timely manner. (not just when it's month-end. So this Actions Today or Overdue visual reminders are what moves opportunities to closure, and create repeat and referral revenues too.
  • Call Center features: great customer support is a key differentiator these days. Customers value knowing they can reach anyone they call in customer support without having to go through their entire account history, only to be transferred to someone else, and start all over. CS can immediately see and understand the why and the where of each customer, in an easy to comprehend visual display - get up-to-speed quickly and answer their query well-informed.
  • Insights: Every customer action/interaction is recorded, providing tremendous insights into purchase (or non-purchase) patterns. That real-time analytics can accelerate sales and potentially drive new market or new product development opportunities.
  • Mobile: Salespeople are mobile. Having full access to Pipedrive on any mobile device lets salespeople do what they do best: listen to what customers are asking for, follow-up and get things done. It makes them want to use the tool, rather than avoid it.
  • It's priced at SF.com level, already, at a time when many new features keep getting added. IMO: anything less than the Gold package, isn't enough.
  • IDEA: I highly recommend you add in Alexa/Siri capabilities and synch it to my calendar so when I'm en route to a meeting, or just finished one, Pipedirve might text me reminders of today's tasks OR list of prospects/clients(with phone numbers) I've not called for awhile and may want to check in with.
  • We've looked at every CRM out there and trialed Pipedrive last year. At the time, though they were great, we wanted to wait until even more features had been added. Now they have, so we're just starting with them.
I've known Salesforce.com to be a "yoke" for salespeople since it's inception. They have acquired several other software companies that I really like, Jigsaw being one of them. But other than that, they're still a yoke.

Zoho CRM is a very good choice, as is Insidesales.com. But nothing compares to Pipedrive's agility, focus and total comprehension of what it actually takes to ID, develop and make 'great-customers-for-life'!
Every company that understands revenues create jobs, grow the company and the economy is well-suited for Pipedrive.
I can't imagine that leaves any company, or scenario out.

There's often a controversial gap between, being called a sales-driven company or marketing-driven company. That gap needs to close.

Every company is in the business of speed - filling compelling needs of those who have them (compelling being the operative word).

Pipedrive ensures that we all do just that.

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