QuickBase the one true choice
Updated July 29, 2018

QuickBase the one true choice

Matthew Bularzik | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quick Base

QuickBase is the backbone of our entire organization. It is currently used for manufacturing, purchasing, fulfillment, pre-sales and post-sales activities, customer support, asset tracking, document control, HR, etc. QuickBase allows for the entire organization to be able see the same data seamlessly whether they are home based or in the field.
  • Most setup can be done with no code or low code solutions.
  • Can setu p a new application within a few hours.
  • Offers a solution for about all use cases. I have yet to have a problem I could not solve using QuickBase.
  • Current mobile applications are lacking, but I know are currently being worked on.
  • Occasionally when I need real coding to get things done I can't, but there are many support companies that can help.
Everyone of my company's applications have been custom built, some in just an hour. We have one application that was requested, designed, built, and deployed in 2 hours. Most applications once deployed take very little maintenance other than managing users as they start, leave, or gain responsibility.
My company had already purchased QuickBase when I started so I was not involved in the comparison to other products. Though I know there is SalesForce which is about three times as expensive per user and they force some precanned application upon you. I have also heard SalesForce is harder to code.
The level of difficultly is very low honestly. I am not a coder or in IT, I took one college couse in C++ which has not helped me at all, but am the main admin for QuickBase and am fully able to do most setup of applications. Most applications I have built in 2 hours or less and do no maintenance other than user support for access levels. On the off chance I need something more advanced QuickBase hasa whole bunch of support providers. We use The Data Collaborative, who are great.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
QuickBase adds new features every month and some are more useful than others. Though they recently added Webhooks which I implemented between two applications which allows logging of a location which I couldn't do before. They also have added new charting options recently which I was able to start using that day and have been instrumental to our sales group.
QuickBase is very well suited for anything that involves tracking and logging of data. Examples include applications such as manufacturing, pre-sales and post-sales activities, customer support, knowledge base, human resources, etc. It is harder for applications where you would like to have several records but each one builds upon the previous data, such as trailing charts.

Using Quick Base

60 - All functions, Quality, Manufacturing, Sales, Sales Support, Engineering, HR, Marketing, R&D, Finance, Product Development
2 - We have 2 people to support Quick Base internal to our company. Our CEO who started using and then was passed along to me. I have run maintained and continued to develop Quick Base with some outside help from Data Collaborative as needed.
  • Customers and Sales Opportunities
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Purchasing
  • Sales Order Entry
  • We developed a Service Warehouse for the field service techs that automatically managers their part inventories and reorders parts as they use them. Mainly done through permission and Quick Base Actions/Webhooks
  • Human Resources could be automated more
  • Training Records
  • Audits
Quick Base has gone from a task given to me at work to a hobby that I never mind working on. You are always tinker with the workflows to improve and streamline your processes. Also with Quick Base monthly releasing new features there is always something new.
  • Has dramatically increased accurate communication throughout the company since you dont need to log into the main server and review shared documents or search email for knowledge.
  • Streamline our work so we have more time to think about improvements.
  • Done need people just to manage paper.